Destination: Bend, Oregon

I took the family up to Bend, Oregon for our annual all-American family vacation funfest. We seem to have an affinity or the Beaver State, having been to Ashland 2 years ago. What can we say? The call of the beautiful trees, lack of sales tax, and not having to get out of your car to pump gas is too powerful.

Bend is a splendid city, with a river running through it much like our own fair town, but making much more public use of it than we are ever likely to see. Though it is cliche to say it, the town does have a friendly, laid-back attitude that makes for a great vacation spot. Especially if you are into drinking awesome beer.

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CoolDMZ’s trip to Ashland (PHOTOS)

Took the family up Oregon way last week for a real old-fashioned Summer Vacation. I had never been up I-5 past Woodland, oddly enough, and although you don’t see much up that way–and the air was still smoky–it was a great drive. The flat area of Siskiyou County, the part containing Yreka, is just about the most beautiful country you’ll ever see. It would be bonkers at sunset.

Our destination was Ashland, which is a great little town. More charm in that town per square inch than most other entire other cute small towns. Slideshow after the jump…
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