The Mentalist comes to Sacramento

the-mentalist-bigWhen I heard that the hit CBS show The Mentalist was coming to Sacramento, I immediately had high hopes for the things that he could accomplish. I imagined him strolling to the Capitol, using his mind tricks to convince our Legislators to compromise instead of sticking to hard line political goals. I saw him hypnotizing the Governor into donating $1000 to the general fund every time he blamed someone else for our budgetary failures rather than using his bully pulpit to encourage California to spend money wisely. I envisioned him using his powers of divination to foresee a Sacramento with sound levees, a bustling K street and a decent taproom downtown. I heard him calling to me in a soft, ethereal voice, “Stickie, I want to cast you in a minor supporting role in my hit television series.”

Which one is the most likely? Unfortunately, it is the last one on that list, as producers of The Mentalist are looking to cast more than 100 Sacramentans for an upcoming shoot. If you would like your shot to appear on a hit show, read on!
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