Man v. Food: Sacramento

Fans of the show “Man v. Food” on the Travel Channel will be treated to a Sacramento edition on Wednesday, September 29th at 9:00 p.m. E/P.

In the Golden State capital, Adam gets a true taste of Sactown when he visits the California State Fair. Adam experiences everything from rodeos, to roller coasters, to monster trucks at this annual gathering, but he’s really there for the main attraction: the food! At the fair, Adam tries the most delicious mobile meals Sacramento has to offer: he falls in serious soulful love with deep fried catfish on a stick, and stops by the Sweet Cheeks stand for everything he’s ever wanted for dessert–deep fried! Adam also has the best of two worlds with the Twister Dog at Tornado Potato.

After the fair, Adam visits Jim Denny’s, a Sac City institution known for having the best breakfast in town. With “The Works”, Adam tries a two pound omelet that combines everything on the menu. Finally, Adam takes on the Knucklehead Challenge at Parker’s Hot Dogs. In 100 attempts, only one person has completed this five pound platter in the twenty minute allotted time-slot. This challenge is made up of 5-half pound hot dogs on a 16 inch bun smothered in four pounds of chili, nacho cheese, veggies, tortilla strips, and fries.