Do you know the way …

… to San Jose? The car I’m driving this week has a navigation system (!) so even if I didn’t know, it does.

Heading there for a blogging conference. It’s called BlogHer, but BlogHims are welcome, too. Here are the details.

Oh sure … just when it starts to cool down and maybe we’ll get a nice few days, I have to blow town …

Affect this, Wikipedia

At the risk of distracting attention from my earlier post, of which I’m quite proud, I’d like to draw attention to the OntoWorld‘s entry on Sacramento. What’s OntoWorld? Only an experiment in Web 3.0, the “semantic web” where all information in the world is ordered in a logical relational manner. Or something. Anyway, about Sacramento some yahoo has written

The Central Valley’s would-be hipsters and hard cases, meanwhile, have affected the moniker Sactown in imitation of the nearby hip-hop hub of Oaktown.

While I love the phrase “hard case” I think that description is a bit unfair. Affected? “Would-be”? It is hardly an affectation. Do the real hipsters call it something else?

To blog or not to blog

I’ve been visiting the wikiHow site for some time. Aside from the silly posts, there are some valuable ones, too. However, none were really worth mentioning here until I stumbled upon this one today on How to Dissuade Yourself from Becoming a Blogger, which may be of some assistance if you are considering jumping on board the web log train.

Find five completely random blogs, and read them daily for a month. After thirty days, you will absolutely dread your self-imposed requirement to read all that dreck. Any blog you create will most likely be on par with what you’ve been reading. Don’t put anyone through that.

Hard to argue that one, huh?

Write on a regular basis in Wordpad instead. If that doesn’t satisfy your urge, and you feel that you must post your blog online, then you might just be craving attention and validation–which you’ll never truly find in a blog. If you give up on your Wordpad journal after about three days, you’ll do the same with a blog. That just takes up server space.

Man, bloggers are such losers.

Hooray for blogging

Big props from the Sac Bee today for prominent local bloggers Jason of Eyes of Argus and John of Uneasy Rhetoric, two favorites of this blogger. Also mentions the Rag, as the word “snarky” is dropped in the first sentence and we’re listed as part of the wide variety of area blogs. Thanks, readers and commenters, for keeping The Sac Rag going!

I think the most important part of that article is the quote from Elk Grove Mayor Rick Soares: “I really don’t have time for Internet chat rooms where people trade conspiracy theories back and forth.” Classic!

Is it just my imagination?

Photo of The Fireside sign

The Sac Rag
never forgets

I don’t take H or J street to or from work as often as I used to, but on occasion I like to mix it up and give it a go. Lately I’ve noticed that there is a lot of remodeling going on near the college and/or East Sacramento. For example, a few days ago I stopped at the light on H & 53rd and glanced over to my left and noticed a Starbucks. Seriously, when did this happen? I swear, these joints pop up like those inflatable rafts you’d always see on old 60’s sitcoms. And for the life of me I can’t remember what was even there before. These places ARE everywhere. Speaking of, check out this dude that has taken it upon himself to visit every Starbucks in the world. And how soon before the Yahoo! lawyers come calling the YaketyYak cell phone store next door? But, I digress.

What’s going on, Sacramento? Are local coffee houses dead? It’s no secret that I’m a coffee chain lover myself, but I’m all for patronizing a local establishment when possible. Speaking of, what happened to Mace’s? Man, this town can get away from you if you’re not paying attention.