GOLD LINE DOWN! But Sac driver saves the day.

This morning I arrived at my stop along the new “Gold Line” (formerly Sunrise line) on the light rail. You know, the one that’s been expanded to go to Folsom. When it runs. Everyone was milling around and there were about 5 times as many commuters as normal. After a few minutes it was clear that a) the train was not coming and b) it had not come for a while, leaving so many extra commuters waiting at my stop. Rumors were flying – that the train had just stopped one stop up, that there was some kind of threat to the train, etc. There was an RT truck parked but no RT worker and no sign posted with information. Finally, just as I was contemplating the bus map to figure out an alternate way to work, a bus driver came up and shouted that the whole line was down both directions and had been for over an hour. She said the stop before ours had at least 100 people waiting, so even when the train started again it would take several passes before we could fit on.

Two women and I were grumbling about how absurd the situation was – why no sign? why no transit worker? I said, “hey if you all split parking with me downtown I’ll drive you right now.” “Even better,” one of the women said, “I have free parking near Fats. Let’s go.” We picked up a guy who also worked downtown and this generous woman drove us to work in her little PT Cruiser, talking on the way about the fact that she was wearing a wig (you never would have guessed it) and playing us country music. My fellow commuters were an advertising saleswoman, a parking garage cashier and a worker for the Dept. of Health Services. Pretty vintage Sacramento, don’t you think? Also pretty vintage Sacramento: light rail down for over an hour on a newly improved line with no information posted whatsoever. But on the whole the positive experience of generous fellow commuters won out in my impression.

3 thoughts on “GOLD LINE DOWN! But Sac driver saves the day.”

  1. hmmm…
    Commuters coming through for Sac’s failed transportation.
    Truant kids escaping Sac’s schools.
    Sac Rag making up for Sac’s mediocre news media.
    … why are the wrong people running this town?


  2. I’ve been in situations like that on commuter rail in other cities, even on well established lines. Stuff just happens sometimes. I’m sure the RT will go through its growing pains.

    But, I would say that the second part is typical Sacramento. There’s a certain neighborly attitude that folks in this town have that you won’t find in many bigger cities.


  3. If you want real comedy, call the bus information line (916.321.BUSS) and try to get information. The operators there never know what’s going on. Worthless. SacRT is a trainwreck (pun intended).

    I’m so glad that I no longer commute.


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