Sheriff Abuse Scandal Rocks Alternative Press

Everybody’s hoppin mad about county jail abuse and the sheriff’s department’s refusal to talk to reporters from the SNR and the Bee. Heckasac’s comments about Shornack and Mendonsa are particularly well-played.

I usually don’t have a comment about these sorts of issues. Maybe because you tend to get quotes like this one from local NAACP President Betty Williams: “In my opinion, these two newspapers are the newest ‘inmates’ of the Sacramento County Jail.” Ouch. So I’ll just say two things. First, it is unfortunate that this problem seems to have started when the Bee made factual errors in its news reports. When we at the Sac Rag condemn a public official, we promise to have either photographic evidence or nothing more than a hunch, nothing in between, and in neither case will we publish a correction.

And second of all, shouldn’t the sheriff be the one guy in town who doesn’t act all diva when he gets negative press? Just make like Gary Cooper and tell us that some dudes just need to get a beat down, Lou. Make us understand.

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5 thoughts on “Sheriff Abuse Scandal Rocks Alternative Press”

  1. Factual error?! Ain’t nobody made no factual error. Sherrif needs to buss her in her azz is all. An dem papers, too. An dat Team Diahm. What we have here, is a failure, to communeicate. Sherrif is communeitain’, at’s awll…


  2. May the typo sherrifs beat you mercilessly if you ever have the misfortune of getting an SUI, spelling under the influence.


  3. I was beaten, strangled and tortured by the sac county jailers and police in 1987, I see that it is still happening…

    I also reported it to the bee and they didn’t cover the story.

    Even with these security cameras it’s still happening in that fucking jail.

    Fuck you fucking cops!

    To the bee? You have a LOT of power to do more than you have done.

    Where can I find photos of all of the officers in the sacramento sherrifs department? I will never forget the face of the officer who strangled me… the jailers? They were all in on it, at least 6 of them.


    Watchdog report: Suit alleges jail brutality
    Sacramento sheriff’s office accused of allowing pattern of abuse by deputies
    By Dorothy Korber and Christina Jewett — Bee Staff Writers
    Published 2:15 am PST Sunday, October 30, 2005
    Story appeared on Page A1 of The Bee


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