Blunts & Doobies

I’m sorry, but is 8:15 a.m. just a teensy bit early to smoke a fat one? My light rail commute this morning made me feel so old. I arrived at the 59th street stop running late and at a different stop than I usually use. There I observed a group of 6 teenagers smoking a nauseating amount of pot before walking off to school. I’m not sure if I’m was more annoyed at the smell or that they made me feel so old when I reacted with total shock that such young minds were getting so high that early in the morning. I made a joke with the business man standing beside me and he said they do it every single day there. Can anyone tell me, am I really getting old or is that maybe just the slightest bit excessive? I’m suspecting a combination since I’m also increasingly horrified by MTV. Squirty Tip, this is your chance to go off about medical marijuana, with love from yours truly.

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  1. OF course we’re getting old. But we can’t just blame ourselves. More and more marketers are tageting the youth brakfast market with illegal drugs such as “Doobie-o’s,” “Shredded Weed,” “Rice Spliffies,” and off brand choices like “Mary Jane’s ‘High’ Fibre Weed Nuggets” (you can purchase that at Whole Foods). And do we even need to get into the underhanded advertising tactics of Pop Tarts.
    Honestly though, if you were a junior high school teacher, would you rather have your classroom of future criminals hopped up on chocolate coated sugar bombs or thoroughly stoned and mildly drowsy?


  2. Thanks HeyMeg, but as a card carrying medicinal marijuana patient, I’m APPALLED that anyone would assume that people smoking tha’ herb were doing so without explicit doctor’s guidance. Because the youth of today have had the dangers of ALL drugs pounded into the tiny little malleable brains since birth, I’d be utterly SHOCKED if these poor students were found to be abusing such an illegal and highly addictive substance.

    Shame on you for assuming the worst of the youth of today. Maybe that is the only way these students can relax their injured back/neck/leg/groin, etc. muscles for 6 hours of sitting in the rock hard chairs in school! Maybe these 6 poor students were in a horrible car accident, and they need the weed to keep the pain from their injured back/neck/leg/groin, etc. muscles at bay, and ALLOW them to study! And KUDOS to the youth of today for not just being up at 8:15 for SCHOOL (!), but also for not toking up and then driving! If you got to get around town while medicating, the light rail is the way to do it! So don’t rush to judge the youth of today, least ye be judged.

    YES, you are old: 8:15 a.m. is the PERFECT time to light up, as long as you have doctor’s approval and you don’t have to drive/operate heavy machinery, operate on someone, or learn anything (unless you can be stoned when you have to regurgatate what you learned, but more on state-dependant learning after I medicate my uh, leg, back, whatever). I just hope these same kids won’t take away my right to self medicate when I’m in the old-folks home, and THEY (shudder) are running things.


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