Long hair: not just for hippies!

Even hair fashion has a local angle… Bee fashion writer Leigh Grogan covers the recent trend of longer hair being acceptable for women of all ages. Which personally I think is a triumph of the human spirit on par with “Babe” the talking pig or The Astronaut Farmer. At first I laughed to see Celine Dion, Gwynneth, Demi Moore (still alive), Nicole Kidman, and then Christina Mendonsa, but I suppose she does have the most fabulous hair among the local celebrity set. Although I was always partial to John Alston, though not in that way


Smosh win YouTube award

As a further sign of how out of touch I am with the YouTube generation, I learned about this from none other than Christina Mendonsa. Local YTers Smosh have won a coveted YouTube award for Best Comedy video of 2006. I’m happy for the two, but I can’t believe more than 4 people thought this was the funniest thing they’d seen in 2006 on YouTube. Video after the jump.

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YouTube phenoms Smosh on News10

A friend just sent me this link to a YouTube clip from News10 about the two Del Campo grads whose videos posted to YouTube as “Smosh” are some of the most popular entertainment among those with whom YouTube is popular entertainment. Apparently they have the #2 watched clip on there. My YouTube just keeps blinking “12:00” so what do I know.

Warning: watching a clip of TV news on YouTube in which you watch a clip on YouTube is only 2 layers away from smoshing your brain.

Sheriff Abuse Scandal Rocks Alternative Press

Everybody’s hoppin mad about county jail abuse and the sheriff’s department’s refusal to talk to reporters from the SNR and the Bee. Heckasac’s comments about Shornack and Mendonsa are particularly well-played.

I usually don’t have a comment about these sorts of issues. Maybe because you tend to get quotes like this one from local NAACP President Betty Williams: “In my opinion, these two newspapers are the newest ‘inmates’ of the Sacramento County Jail.” Ouch. So I’ll just say two things. First, it is unfortunate that this problem seems to have started when the Bee made factual errors in its news reports. When we at the Sac Rag condemn a public official, we promise to have either photographic evidence or nothing more than a hunch, nothing in between, and in neither case will we publish a correction.

And second of all, shouldn’t the sheriff be the one guy in town who doesn’t act all diva when he gets negative press? Just make like Gary Cooper and tell us that some dudes just need to get a beat down, Lou. Make us understand.