The Sac Rag: The First 365 Days


Today marks the first year of publication here at The Sac Rag, and we couldn’t have done it without You, our dedicated readers and commenters, and the occasional wack job who helped us cause a mild stir. What started with two writers has ballooned into a crack writing staff of a dozen covering everything from shopping and eating to news and sports. Some numbers: 615 posts, 1651 comments, zero awards, 2 mentions in the Bee, 399 visitors on our biggest day (11/4/2005).

We thought we would share some of our thoughts on this momentous occasion, and the thoughts of at least one local celebrity…

“What an enlightening year it’s been. Thanks to the SacRag, I have incorporated the word “snark” into my daily vernacular. I’ve discovered where to find the city’s best fish and chips. Most significantly, I’ve learned that someone actually has googled the search term “Eileen Javora boobs.” Congratulations, SacRag, on your first blogoversary!” –KCRA’s Pamela Wu (not kidding, huge fan)

CoolDMZ: If I could get one thing out of this, it would be to achieve a level of local notoreity approximately at the level of Crazy George. If you see him buying coffee, you are convinced you know him, and only if you’re a huge fan (I should work on getting at least one of those) do you approach.

RonTopofIt: The Sac Rag is sort of like the microwave oven, broadband internet, and TiVo; You don’t know what you did before it.

sac-eats: Things that usually happen to the average Sacramentan in one year:

1. His house is driven into by an elderly driver
2. His interest only adjustable rate loan comes due and he is forced out of his home
3. City claims eminent domain and tears down his 75 year old home to put up a Mimi’s Cafe.
4. His heart is broken (again) by the Kings.
5. He complains about the rain, then the next day that it’s too hot.
6. He goes to one of three things: Jazz jubilee, apple hill, the Asparagus festival or Hot August Nights.
7. He thanks the lord above that he didn’t take that job in Fresno.

HeyMeg: In looking up the traditional 1-year anniversary gifts I found this list of statements for testing how well you know your spouse after one year. You’re supposed to be able to predict how your spouse would respond to them . If you consider our one-year with The Sac Rag in terms of these statements I’d say the relationship is going pretty well. For example, “I like beards on men” and “There is a correct way to hang toilet paper.”

Stickie: Cheers (with beers!) to the first of many years of The Sac Rag! It has succeeded in giving the good people of Sacramento an outlet to mock the local media, point out the foibles of our local government and discuss in grand detail the ridiculousness of this place we all call home. Now where’s the Pulitzer?

“Game Guy” Scott Fera: It’s like I never really new Sacramento until the ‘Rag came around. I’ve now taken my first step into a larger world–a world of oversized landmarks and bad news.

7 thoughts on “The Sac Rag: The First 365 Days”

  1. Hey Pamela Wu! We saw your live broadcasts from the Stockton Asparagus Festival last weekend & are wondering just how much worse the porta-potties stank than they ordinarily would have.


  2. you think i went near those things?

    maybe next year we can make the newest reporter on staff file a report on asparagus pee.


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