Adrienne welcomes latest KCRA weather person, mentions what we’re all thinking

KCRA’s Adrienne Bankert welcomes the newest member of the weather team, Tamera Berg. Toward the end of the clip she mentions what everyone is thinking

Let’s just hope Tamera fares better in the online search creepos department.

As RonTopOfIt put it, you gotta love being the person who gets a start on Sacramento weather forecasting in early December… “Morning fog, highs in the 50s” can get you through your first month, at least!

The Sac Rag: The First 365 Days


Today marks the first year of publication here at The Sac Rag, and we couldn’t have done it without You, our dedicated readers and commenters, and the occasional wack job who helped us cause a mild stir. What started with two writers has ballooned into a crack writing staff of a dozen covering everything from shopping and eating to news and sports. Some numbers: 615 posts, 1651 comments, zero awards, 2 mentions in the Bee, 399 visitors on our biggest day (11/4/2005).

We thought we would share some of our thoughts on this momentous occasion, and the thoughts of at least one local celebrity…
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Keyword fun

I just noticed somebody ran across The Sac Rag searching for the phrase “Eileen Javora boobs.” And just in case, they turned the “safe filter” off. Nice try, sicko, this is a family site. And in that regard, if Squirty Tip is in your family, we extend our best wishes.

Let’s Talk Talking Heads

And you may ask yourself-well…how did I get here? Just kidding. I feel like dishing about local news personalities. Today it’s Paul Joncich and Eileen Javora. I like Joncich because he’s not afraid to get caught with his arms crossed when the camera cuts back to the anchor desk shot. It goes a long way toward creating the persona of a no-nonsense newsman. I mean look at that biography: 2 Emmys, who knew! and “one of the first local television reporters in the country to visit the Soviet Union after the fall of communism.” That’s some resume.

The thing about Eileen Javora is that I fear she might be a cyborg. Try to guess how old she is–she could be anywhere from 23 to 42 as far as I can tell, and until KCRA releases a full DNA test I will continue to use whatever public power I have to out her as an ageless half-robot.