to “engage and inform”

News 10’s Sharon Ito will be leaving “News 10 Good Morning” on March 23. She will be replaced by Kelly Jackson from KSDK in St. Louis.

Kelly is replacing Sharon Ito, who is championing a new initiative on Sharon is currently developing a new approach to news that will engage and inform internet news users.

I wonder if part of that “new approach” is to proofread stories before publishing (or after even, I’m flexible). At any rate, I’m all for making the news we receive via the Internet engaging and informative. Trail blaze, Sharon, trail blaze!

Back to Sharon’s replacement for a second.

“Our enthusiasm for Kelly was immediate,” said News10 News Director Stacy Owen. “She has an energy and spark that is infectious. She is the perfect balance of journalist and vibrant personality, and will not only be a strong fit with the morning team, but will bring a new dimension to the show.”

Wait, wait, wait. Am I to read that to mean Sharon was NOT energetic and sparky? Or that she didn’t bring a vibrant personality to the show? Or maybe something else? Some other “dimension” that I’m somehow missing.

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7 thoughts on “ to “engage and inform””

  1. Anyone would be more energetic and sparky than Sharon. Even my dog. I recently saw her in the Alhambra Safeway and she looked like she does on the news: bored and ready to crawl under a desk.


  2. Has anyone SEEN Kelly Jackson?? Wow, she’s hot…to the blind community. I used to catch her from time to time in St. Louis. I mean you couldn’t help but catch her, she fills up the whole screen! Couldn’t they find someone pleasant to look at in the mornings? Sharon’s lookin’ better and better everyday…. We’ll miss you Ms. Ito!


  3. I hate to see Sharon leave, but I wish her well wherever she goes.
    Kelly is okay but, seems indifferent much of the time.
    I’d like to see Angel or Melissa take Kelly’s spot!


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