Long hair: not just for hippies!

Even hair fashion has a local angle… Bee fashion writer Leigh Grogan covers the recent trend of longer hair being acceptable for women of all ages. Which personally I think is a triumph of the human spirit on par with “Babe” the talking pig or The Astronaut Farmer. At first I laughed to see Celine Dion, Gwynneth, Demi Moore (still alive), Nicole Kidman, and then Christina Mendonsa, but I suppose she does have the most fabulous hair among the local celebrity set. Although I was always partial to John Alston, though not in that way


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4 thoughts on “Long hair: not just for hippies!”

  1. You think Christina Mendonsa is old? She looks like she’s in her mid-thirties.

    Nobody should be concerned about what others think of the length of their hair.


  2. Isn’t there some sort of correlation between the trend of women’s hair and the state of the economy? Or is that just applicable to hem lines?


  3. you’re the best, Lynn.

    i didn’t say i think she’s old, she’s just mentioned in the piece.


  4. I am a 47 year old woman with long graying hair.

    I keep it lightened and have brown highlights as well.
    My hair was brown. I find it is very difficult to hide the gray when my hair is darker.

    Knowing I will always have my long hair, I invented “The Ponytail Hairnet and The Ponytail Sportnet”.

    Having worked in a kitchen, I found the value in being able to wear your hair up while still satisfying the health inspector.It is much cooler.

    The Hairnet allows me to wear the up high pony or the low pony. Much more stylish than the traditional hairnets the lunch ladies at my high school wore.

    The Sportnet appears to possibly be the solution to the men involved in sports arguing over the acceptable hair length allowed.

    The hair would remain confined and saftey would be observed. Then the guys would get to keep their lucious locks of long hair for all women to enjoy viewing.


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