Paul’s Long Run

Even if the only time you listen to Y92 is when you’re at the dentist office, you probably know who Paul Robins is — the morning DJ and former longtime on-air partner of Phil Cowan, comprising the duo Paul & Phil (AKA “The Nicest Guys in Radio.”)

Less than an hour ago, Paul left his morning drive studio to start on his 92.5 mile run around the Sacramento area to raise funds to purchase new vans for Atkinson Youth Services. He will return to his studio by 7am tomorrow to finish up tomorrow morning’s show. If he needs to be pushed in a wheelchair to get there, he will donate $5,000 out of his own pocket. He is committed to making it the entire way under his own power.

Long before I was an Armstrong & Getty girl, preceded by more than a decade of Shawn & Jeff, I was a fan of the Robins, Kinney & Cowan morning show on KPOP, which occupied the 93.7 frequency (which then became 93 Rock before it moved to KZAP’s 98.5 spot, and 93.7 has since been a slew of forgettable stations.) Robins, Kinney, and Cowan split up, and then Paul and Phil joined Y92, and they were the longtime favorite of many who weren’t up for a serving of raunch first thing in the morning. (Is anyone else here a veteran of Paul & Phil’s “Car Phone Dating” stunt? A friend and I did that in ’94.)

So, Paul is the beaming father of three daughters, one of whom was adopted from Russia and came to them with severe emotional problems following years of neglect. He turned to Atkinson Youth Services — located at Watt and Fair’ve probably driven past it a bajillion times and never realized it. Look for their brown and tan sign just past the Shell station on your right as you’re heading east on Fair Oaks (and watch out for the trees that are near the roadway, too.)

According to Paul, Atkinson Youth Services helped not only their daughter, but also helped Paul and his wife keep their faith strong. He is such an advocate of Atkinson’s services that he has committed to raise enough money to buy five new fully-equipped vans for them to transport kids involved in the program. Each van costs $35,000, and some local companies have already jumped on board to buy vans. He still needs to raise money for one more, and today’s 92.5 mile run will help him raise awareness and funds.

Paul is an accomplished marathoner, having qualified for and run Boston before. Joining him today to keep his pace up and spirits high will be Bee TV columnist and speedy runner Rick Kushman; local running phenom, head of Capital Road Race Management, and all-around nice guy Rich Hanna; and many of Paul’s regular training partners.

Check out the web link above and see if he’s coming anywhere near you. His pit stops are at Raley’s and Bel Air stores all around the region, so please make the effort to meet up with him at some point and donate whatever you can for his cause. You can also donate online.

Paul is using the watts of power from his station, his high visibility, and running prowess for good, so he gets my RIGHT AWN! for the week.

Paul and MSA

3 thoughts on “Paul’s Long Run”

  1. That’s incredible, and I will now cease whining about my sore calfs resulting from my 5K jog yesterday. I’m not worthy.

    Serious thumbs-up for Paul.


  2. Anyone know how he is doing? They arent updating the site and I cant listen at work. Someone needs to call and have Delilah dedicate a song to him tonight. De-li-lah…


  3. I just watched the live feed of his finish on Good Day Sacramento. He looks great! He said he ran his fastest splits in the final leg (I believe it — when you know the finish line is near, you suddenly gain what feels like world-class speed.)


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