Let’s get physical, physical

That’s the song the obnoxious person was singing at El Palmar about 15 minutes ago.

Even a regular margarita, chased by a banana margarita, did not lessen my annoyance for said person with the booming voice across the room. Not that I expect El Palmar to be a quiet haven, nor have I never not been on the receiving end of a public shushing, but where do we draw the line?

My friends and I have been shushed in such fine establishments as Round Table Pizza which was our first stop in a bar crawl for a bachelorette party about 10 years ago, starting the evening with pizza and pitchers — the funny thing is that the Round Table person said that “other customers were complaining,” and our group of 20-25 were the only people in the whole joint.

A couple years ago, my running club would meet up at the Howe Avenue La Bou before some of our Sunday runs. Our coach and I were having an especially spirited conversation one morning when a staff person told us that another customer was trying to study. Our coach, a venerable professor, laughed and asked if she’d ever heard of a library. The employee continued, “She’s a PAYING customer,” totally ignoring the mochas and baked goods in our hands (nevermind the fact that La Bou makes several breakfast and lunchtime deliveries to my office each week for various meetings.)

Growing up in a family of booming voices, I strive to use my “indoor voice” and then take it down a few more notches. This person (I dare not call her a “lady” because she was far from it, as my mom would say), was loud, boorish, and didn’t seem to have any inkling that there just might be other people in the same air space as she.

I had the fleeting thought of telling her that she ruined the celebratory dinner my husband and I were having for our first year wedding anniversary (which is tomorrow, and yes, we’re going somewhere more appropriate for our dinner) and that I found out that some recent medical tests came back with favorable results for me earlier today.

In actuality, we were amused — in a somewhat incredulous way — by this woman’s brash demeanor. Nothing we could have said would have changed her ways, and so it goes.

What’s your policy on being a shusher or shushee?

P.S. There was an older woman a few tables away who brought her own carton of sour cream to El Palmar.  Can anyone shed any light on why someone might do this?

4 thoughts on “Let’s get physical, physical”

  1. BYOC? That sounds like something from a Seinfeld episode.

    Loud talkers in a restaurant are like screaming children in a restaurant. Ok, screaming children are way worse. Random singining, on the other hand, can be down right entertaining. Just take a few deep breaths and remember this too shall pass. Otherwise, it will end up as a story on your blog.


  2. Actually, the random singing came just as we were leaving. It was the most pleasant sound that had come out of this person’s mouth the whole time we were there. It was more the loud loud talking vs. random singing. My friends & I have done lots of random singing over the years, so I have been “that girl” before, many times. This person was just one of those obnoxious loud people you come across (thankfully) just once or twice per year.


  3. Has it ever occurred to you that the random singer might just be trying to engage all of the establishment’s customers and staff into a spontaneous Hollywood-like group song sequence?

    That never happens enough here in Sacramento. It’s more difficult pulling off a group song than it is getting the diners at a coffee shop’s counter to do “the wave”.


  4. Norm, I like that you wrote “..that never happens enough here in Sacramento” because that HAS happened, as you have obviously observed too. If any of you were 2Me regulars back in the day (we were usually perched on the pool table once Huey put the cover on it), you may have been there on any of the many nights that someone played “Piano Man” on the jukebox and the whole bar sang along.

    These days, I’m asleep well before my friends and I would even THINK about heading out for the night. Sigh.


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