Imus have said something bad

By now many of you have heard of controversy that nationally syndicated (and future former) radio host Don Imus has put himself in:

The drama started when Imus referred to the Rutgers University women’s basketball team as a group of “nappy-headed hos.” The remarks were a seemingly off-the-cuff reference to the squad, which had just lost the annual NCAA women’s national championship, but Imus’ insensitivity to a group of college athletes who were coming off a remarkable season aroused public ire that seemed to increase with each passing day.

Interestingly (and why I’m writing about it here, of course), it turns out that Imus used to work as a radio host in Sacramento:

Even more certain of Imus’ prospects for rehabilitation is John Lund, a radio consultant in Burlingame, Calif., who hired Imus in 1969 as the morning radio host of KXOA-AM in Sacramento when Lund was the station’s program manager. Lund later worked with Imus at New York’s WNBC-AM from 1973 to 1976 and from 1979 to 1980. The two remain friends.

This is the last thing Sacramento radio and radio hosts probably want to be connected to, especially after the water-drinking contest tragedy.

3 thoughts on “Imus have said something bad”

  1. Don’t forget Rush Limbaugh also rose to fame on Sacramento radio in the 80’s, replacing Morton Downey Jr.


  2. Interesting, did not know that. What I want to know is, when did Imus finally deal with He-Man to the point where he is able to focus the Castle Greyskull’s evil power on the Rutgers women’s basketball team?


  3. Maybe this is why I am not getting any responses for my personal ad seeking a Nappy-headed Ho.

    Hmmmmm. Maybe I should change it to “Ho-bag” Will that help?


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