World War Z: Where does Sac make its last stand?

zombiesHeyMeg brings up an excellent point today about inevitable zombie attack, one that deserves more than a passing mention. Also it’s Thursday and everybody needs a little pick-me-up on Thursday afternoon. For more clarification I turned to her husband, The Game Guy, who asks:

If Zombies attack, where’s the safest place in Sacramento to hide out/what’s the best escape route.

I mean, contemporary wisdom would say Arden Fair mall, but I don’t think that’s such a great idea – given its land-locked location, and close proximity to soon-to-be jammed freeways.

And K Street Mall is looks like its basically infested with zombies right now, so I think it’s something worth thinking about.

I say secure the levees. Get to high ground.

Author: CoolDMZ

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22 thoughts on “World War Z: Where does Sac make its last stand?”

  1. This is one of those topics that I actually play out in my head over and over again. In our old house, I was positive that if Zombies attacked, we could access the crawl-space hatch in the linen closet and get underneath the house. From there, we could kick out the vents leading to the back yard which would give us just enough time to sprint to temporary safety.

    In our new home… Frankly, we’re screwed.

    If we can make it to the railroad tracks, we might stand a chance. But getting there all depends on how are labs would fair, and from our leash training experience thus far- it’s not looking too promising.

    DMZ- heading to high ground is a natural response- but what about having to go through Roseville or Folsom to get there? Especially with school being out- you’re talking about a heavy population of undead that you’d need to wade through to get even into the foothills. THINK man! THINK! You’ve got a FAMILY to protect.


  2. But seriously (the term being used liberally) I think a Costco or WalMart would be the ultimate refuge. Yes, it would cause the big-box store hating folks to compromise their values, but on the other hand a person could live quite comfortably for months there and there’s plenty of gym equipment to help you bulk up for the impending fight. Christopher – don’t you have a fortress description to add?


  3. You are all fools. Everyone knows that zombies can’t swim. Therefore, I’m going to camp out on the Delta King. Climb on board and then destroy all the loading ramps. Added bonus, they have a really nice piano bar on the top floor.


  4. This here’s the wild west. Thar be no runnin’. Where are your shotguns people? Grab a “street sweeper”, stand your ground and fire up the BBQ.


  5. Sac-Eats: Isn’t the Delta King permanently anchored to the bank of the river? If that’s the case, then you’ve only got about 30 minutes until the zombies make a bridge by haphazardly climbing over themselves to get on board. Then you’re totally screwed, because we all know that- though they can’t swim- they can just hang out underwater waiting to grab you and pull you under as you jump off the other side of the Delta King and into the river for “safety.”

    HeyMeg: Costco is not a bad idea, and with REI being just across the way, you’ve got enough survival resources between the two of them to make your stand. I wonder whether REI would give preference to their Co-op members? I guess that $15 for initial membership wasn’t such a stupid idea after all…

    At first I thought the Sacramento Convention Center would be a good place, but then realized that with all of the windows facing out, and the distinct lack of supplies, you’re probably at more risk of getting killed by a frantic mob inside, then you are getting eaten alive by Z-heads.

    What about KCRA-3/My58 Studios? It’s next to the Crystal Dairy factory, plus there’s the option of radioing for help, and ice cream sandwiches after a long day of brain-smashing…


  6. what sac-eats’ scenario needs is a strong and earnest hero to undock the boat, seconds before being overrun by the zombies. also it needs a fearless captain to pilot the Delta King on one final voyage.


  7. Why not just hijack a River Otter taxi after absconding with a barrel of taffy from one of the shops in Old Sac?


  8. So I took a vote in the office and the highest vote getter was the state capital. The reasons are as follows.

    1. Cafeteria
    2. Style
    3. Fortified (remember the idiot who drove his truck into it.)
    4. And of course Arnold. (Remember he kicked the Predators butt.)


  9. OK, thanks everyone, this whole discussion gave me REALLY creepy dreams last night. A few highlights:

    – William Shatner was really evil but disguised himself as someone benevolent so he could fly with us to Germany to escape. The airplane seriously looked like what Snoopy flies when he’s the Red Baron.

    – Upon arrival in Munich, Sac-Eats tried to divert attention away from our refugee status by challenging local non-Zombies to a food eating contest.

    – I was getting my ankle gnawed on by a zombie lady, only it turned out to be our cat attacking my feet in want of food and attention (realizing this when I woke up)


  10. Now that Albertson’s is S-mart I think you may be on to something Chadd. Wow. I’m such a huge nerd.


  11. Basuraman: I’ve taken your thoughts into account in updating the survival map (click on the link on my name). It’s good to know that your office is discussing these important issues.

    Bare in mind that the Capitol is right next to the K-Street Mall- an inevitable hotzone of Undead activity. Still, I agree that the Capitol is probably the best bet downtown. Then again, there’s always the New Main Jail.


  12. i say we all grab some gear and head to sutter’s fort…i mean that’s what it was built for. plus with all the restaurants nearby we’ll have food for a while. then we can bring over some drinks and pool tables from the blue cue.


  13. Think about it this way. Rabies was weaponized in the 1950s. Every year you hear about outbreaks of rabies in one large wooded area or another among the washbear population. When I was growing up, PA had them often. Which means that there is a resiveour-source which has not been discovered and eliminated. The same applies to ebola, west nile, hunta, chronic wasting, tb, small pox, etc. That is not to mention bird flue which keeps mutating. All it would take is for any of those illnesses to develop a fast incubation time period and/or become air spread. Consider the flue epidemic before WWI, 20% of the world population gone. We are overdue for an epidemic, and you know the infected-zombies will not kill themselves. That is another reason why California and New York gun control laws suck.


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