12 thoughts on ““That’s gotta hurt!””

  1. Hank.

    Take a deep breath and focus, very hard, on the first line- excuse me- the ONLY line from Cool’s post. See that name in there between all those other crazy letters? It says “posted by Sam McManis.”

    Now go take a time out.


  2. Hank,

    We don’t snark our own (especially when we know they’re our own)- we sit in out tower with our snarker rifles and snark others far away.

    Now if you went onto Heckasac and snarked Cool for this post- which still wouldn’t make any sense because of his credit to McManis at the beginning, maybe that’s legitimate long-range snarking. But to come to a guys house and snark on him where he lives. That’s just not cool- or Cool, as the case may be.


  3. Hank who? hey there’s this funny picture of a kid punching another kid in the nards on the internet, you guys should check it out…


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