Thanks for Giving

Hungry?‘Tis the season for giving thanks for what we’ve got.  ‘Tis also the season for reminding ourselves that others don’t got nearly as much as we got. So the inevitable question arises in this season of bounty, “What can I do to help share that bounty with others?”  I’m so glad you asked.

Sacramento is rife with opportunity for donations of time, money, food, or all three.  While some high profile Thanksgiving Day events like Run to Feed the Hungry are chock full of volunteers for “day of” activities, help is still needed for set-up and registration.  If you’ve got some free time and want to help with the race, click here to help out.

Other opportunities can be found throughout the city, through a variety of organizations.  One of the best resources for finding volunteer opportunities is Hands On Sacramento, a volunteer coordination organization.  Hands On can match you, or even your whole family, with a one-time or ongoing volunteer opportunity that fits your interests and skills.  If you’re outside of Sacramento, check the Governor’s official volunteer site,   It’s a great resource for volunteering throughout the state, especially during emergency situations like the recent fires.

However, don’t get so Thanksgiving-centric that you forget about Christmas (like that’s easy to do when the candy canes have been on the shelves since November 1).  Whether you want to be Santa to needy seniors, volunteer at the Sacramento Food Bank, or El Dorado Food Bank, or even the Yolo Food Bank, or just find out where to drop off gifts for needy children, you don’t have to look far to find out where to go and what’s needed.  I especially want to single out the Christmas Promise program run by the Point West Rotary.  This program has been going on for many years and actually sends “Santas” and “Elves” to needy homes to deliver gifts on Christmas Eve.  It’s a very special hands-on program that really affects peoples’ lives.

Two things to remember:  1) Look for well-established churches, organizations, or agencies when trying to find a place to which to donate money, time, or both.  Using Craigslist’s volunteer listings might seem easy but might not actually hook you up with the most reputable players in the charity game.  I mean really, would you click on a link that read “Get Paid to Volunteer!”  2) Don’t forget that you don’t have to limit your volunteering to the holiday season only.  There are those who need your help all year, and you can make a difference all year.  So get involved, give, and make our community a better place.

6 thoughts on “Thanks for Giving”

  1. For many Indian people, “Thanksgiving” is a time of mourning, of remembering how a gift of generosity was rewarded by theft of land and seed corn, extermination of many from disease and gun, and near total destruction of many more from forced assimilation. As currently celebrated in this country, “Thanksgiving” is a bitter reminder of 500 years of betrayal returned for friendship. (From 11 myths of Thxgiving, published and sent out by the Seattle School District)

    So come on down to Thunder Valley to repay the white man’s debt to the proud Indian!


  2. Thankful that I can place large logs in my streetside green waste, for poor saps (note green/sap pun) to run over while messing up my nice leaf pile.

    Thankful that Sacramento is having VERY nice weather, thanks to global warming.

    Thankful that my flood/earthquake/volcano insurance just kicked in before any major water/mantle/magma events in the area.

    And most of all, I’m thankful that I can get basuraman’s goat simply by letting people know what the millitant anti-American/pro-third world propagandists are putting out there. Truth isn’t pleasant when its public I guess.


  3. Turty we need to do lunch sometime. You seem like a hoot. I am going to steal your idea about hiding logs in my leaf pile. The ex-wife always drives through mine. That would be fun to watch.


  4. Hey runnergirl! We saw you herding around the fast ‘elite’ runners at the turkey day run. You looked very official with the radio and clipboard.


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