Takedown is coming!

Surewest warns subscriber not to torrent Game of Thrones

A local pirate warns (via email-he must have 3G on his ship):

So I got a notice from Surewest that they had detected that I downloaded, specifically, Game of Thrones over bit torrent and they advised that they would monitor for copyright infringement and would terminate service for anyone that is caught abusing the service in perpetuating copyright infringement. Just an FYI. I don’t know what makes GoT special as opposed to all the other shows, but just be careful. No more pay channel torrents for me.

The other local angle to this is that Ashwin Navin, a co-founder of BitTorrent Inc., is totally from Sacramento.

Thanks for Giving

Hungry?‘Tis the season for giving thanks for what we’ve got.  ‘Tis also the season for reminding ourselves that others don’t got nearly as much as we got. So the inevitable question arises in this season of bounty, “What can I do to help share that bounty with others?”  I’m so glad you asked.

Sacramento is rife with opportunity for donations of time, money, food, or all three.  While some high profile Thanksgiving Day events like Run to Feed the Hungry are chock full of volunteers for “day of” activities, help is still needed for set-up and registration.  If you’ve got some free time and want to help with the race, click here to help out.

Other opportunities can be found throughout the city, through a variety of organizations.  One of the best resources for finding volunteer opportunities is Hands On Sacramento, a volunteer coordination organization.  Hands On can match you, or even your whole family, with a one-time or ongoing volunteer opportunity that fits your interests and skills.  If you’re outside of Sacramento, check the Governor’s official volunteer site, CaliforniaVolunteers.org.   It’s a great resource for volunteering throughout the state, especially during emergency situations like the recent fires. Continue reading “Thanks for Giving”

To Your Local Developer Write

It has come to my attention that the Red Lion Hotel (nee Sacramento Inn) is to be redeveloped by Capital Management Group. You can read about the proposed changes here, but there is one specific change that I would like to see. I took the time to email Jeffrey Berger, president of Capital Management, the following message, hoping that others would do the same. Continue reading “To Your Local Developer Write”