Maybe this will attract Brangelina

A bevy of local organizations is convening a “Sanframento” conference to discuss issues that concern the blurry econotransport* line between our conveniently located and charming town with the bay area.

No joke.

Along with UC Davis, this Thursday’s event will is being spearheaded by regional planning agencies and transportation authorities.

Note to sac-eats: Be sure to clear your schedule so you can weigh in with your SMEP! scheme. (As a former employee of a regional planning agency, I can say with great authority that yours would not be the most out-there idea presented in such a forum.)

*my own hybrid word of “economy” and “transportation”

2 thoughts on “Maybe this will attract Brangelina”

  1. “Regional planning agencies and transportation authorities”??? Ah! They must be fearing budget cuts, and are spending taxpayer’s money to justify their existance– I get it now… Lets see what the link says, shall we?

    “Christopher Cabaldon, mayor of West Sacramento, said the two regions are ‘building a strategic partnership to develop a list of goods-movement priorities to benefit all of Northern California.'”

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAaaaa!!! HILARIOUS! Not only are they not really doing anything, but it will be YEARS before they can “build the strategic partnership”, much less “develop a list.”

    So… If I may be so bold, how much exactly is this “list” gonna cost while the “two regions are building a strategic partnership”?? Maybe we should put a committee together to develop a timeline! We’ll need a budget, maybe a mission statement, office space. Some paper and a pencil. A calendar of course. I’m guessing $1.4 million (a year) and 3 years to make a timeline to lay out the steps to build a strategic partnership to develop this list to make a plan to… Err… what are we doing again? We should have an agenda!


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