More legal questions for KJ

The questions about Kevin Johnson’s past just keep on coming. The SacBee reports on a federal investigation into St. Hope’s suspected misuse of grant money for the AmeriCorps program and of reports of KJ’s inappropriate behavior towards two teenagers.

From 2004-2007, St. Hope received more than $800,000 for their Hood Corps program aimed at leadership development among inner city youth. Last year, federal funding was terminated because half of the youth involved had dropped out. The program is also supposed to be non-religious and completely voluntary, yet former members report that they were required to study the Bible, attend church, and receive communion. Many participants also had trouble with the mandatory “boot camp” style physical fitness training, another activity forbidden by the funding guidelines. Participants were also allegedly required to perform activities outside of the program’s scope, including campaigning for Sacramento City School Board candidates, a major violation of campaign rules and electoral ethics.

If these allegations turn out to be true, they will be a major blow to KJ’s mayoral campaign, as they show that he cannot even manage a simple government grant within the specified rules. And if he cannot do that, how much success will he have with an entire city?

3 thoughts on “More legal questions for KJ”

  1. Who says following the rules is always good, or even the right thing to do? Would Kennedy have been the dynastic name it is if ol’ Joe Kennedy followed all the rules? Would Regan’s legacy be as great if he followed the rules? Has Fargo’s adherance to the rules helped Sacramento any? Maybe it’s time to toss the rulebook out with the bathwater, and get something DONE for a change. Sactown- The sexy rouge Sity for sinners. (TM) 2008 Turty Squip


  2. Sigh. Another candidate self-destructs. Please, not another term of Heather “Get Nothing Accomplished” Fargo! I’m gonna start a write-in campaign for C.C. Myers. Now, there’s someone who knows how to get things done! In one term of Mr. Myers I think we’d see the K Street Mall get fully redeveloped, the railyards too, a new arena for the Kings (one not totally subsidized by taxpayers), at least two new highrises built, a series of railroad/light rail track undercrossings so as to improve the flow of street traffic, an end to homelessness, and peace and harmony throughout the world. And all done ahead of schedule.


  3. As long as Mr. Johnson doesn’t run on a platform of “people should raise chickens and goats in their backyards,” he’s got my vote. If that crazy ol’ bat comes to my house to shtup for votes I’m gonna have to introduce her to “The Chickenator”- the bat I had to use to kill the gatdamn roosters this spring because animal control wouldn’t come out. And I’d HATE to have to get goat blood all over it next spring.


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