If you ice it, will they come?

At the risk of being out of touch with the what’s *really* happening in Sacramento, I mention this sacbee.com article about a new outdoor ice skating rink scheduled to open Friday in Folsom. The details can be found at visitfolsom.com.

This article makes me wonder, however, if it is a smart idea to spend money on “extras” like this in an effort to boost local business.

    A report from Folsom city staff puts the total cost of operating the rink for two months during the holidays at $248,000 – $68,000 more than it is predicted to bring in.

I get that the intent with this project is encourage folks to shop and eat locally, but could the $248,000 be better spent helping local businesses lower their prices? Decrease their lease payments? Or is just full steam ahead and let’s see what happens?

Especially with the news that so many of the region’s cities are scrambling to save money and cut corners.

    In an effort to control costs, Folsom has a freeze on hiring and discretionary spending, Miller said. But even that won’t be enough to close the budget shortfall, which could be as much as $5 million for the current year if the city were to do nothing.

Your thoughts?

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3 thoughts on “If you ice it, will they come?”

  1. I am in Fair Oaks. A ring in Folsom will mean I have no reason to go downtown this winter. I will instead go to Folsom and probably get a drink, see a movie and do some shopping. It is a solid investment.


  2. Great move by Folsom.

    They could follow it up with some public works (park improvements etc.) and really start making a change. Folsom’s city revenues are based primarily on sales taxes. They need to get people to spend money in order to get out of this slump. The automall isn’t going to be a cash cow for them, so they need to hope that retail sales will hold steady at lest.


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