The Worst Example of “Showing Your Sacramento” — Ever

From today’s Bee story detailing the October 4 murder of a college student in San Diego, in which the primary suspects — inlcuding the son of Fabian Nunez — are from the Sacramento area:

A woman who was hosting the men at her apartment told police the four were drinking and showing off their knives. They talked about wanting to show people “how we do it in Sac-Town,” according to the warrant.

I, for one, was unaware that knifing people while intoxicated was how we did it in Sac-town. I thought we had cornered the market instead on vehicular property crimes.

Actually, how do I say that this whole episode is sickening? Oh, like this: This whole episode is sickening.

18 thoughts on “The Worst Example of “Showing Your Sacramento” — Ever”

  1. As Tucpac once said “From Oakland to Sacktown
    The Bay Area and back down
    Cali is where they put they mack down”

    I never knew what “Mack down” meant..maybe now I do.


  2. Found this shinning example on CBS 13 last night at 1 minute and 15 seconds Sacramento(N. Highlands) shows how we do.
    Reporter: You recognize that woman?
    Young Man 1: Thats a woman?
    Reporter: Thaaaat is a woman.
    Young Man 1: Oh hold up Jibberish(something about not wanting to be on camera) *hide behind reporter*
    Reporter: She used to live in 42
    Young Man 2: Thats the $h!& I was saying, that where they had the boy chained up in Tracy.
    Young Man 1:*forget about not wanting to be on camera* OH THATS THE ONE.


  3. “Putting the mack down” is when you make love to your wife. Like when kids these days say “bad,” they mean “good.” And to “shake your booty” means to wiggle one’s butt. Permit me to demonstrate…


  4. In the arrest warrant, investigators said the four defendants belonged to a “close-knit group of friends who call themselves ‘THC’ aka ‘The Hazard Crew.’ ”

    I hate to drag race into this but if these were poor black kids, it would be called a gang.

    More from KCRA3

    Investigators said they belong to a “close-knit group of friends who call themselves ‘THC’ aka ‘The Hazard Crew,”‘ who brandish tattoos with symbols of hazardous materials and flash hand signs.

    Yup.. sounds like a gang alright.

    Congrats Esteban, you just dirtied your father’s illustrious career.


  5. Oh Jeeze, you actually want to discuss the story??

    When I was young, my group of friends and I got really drunk playing Legend of Zelda, so we jokingly began to call ourselves “The Triforce”. We would flash the number 3 to each other, then we started making a pyramid with our fingers. We were all theater geeks, so we “claimed” the area around the local community theater. We joked about getting triangular tattoos, never did.

    Does that make us a “gang”? Or does a group of friends with a stupid nickname only become a “gang” when they stab someone?

    Jones, a major goal for California prosecutors is to broaden the legal definition of the term “gang” to the fullest extent possible to make it easier to lock up “undesirables” (see West Sac Gang Injunction) and scare kids out of joining gangs. Real gangs.

    While the murder that these punks (apparently) committed is disgusting and despicable, these are kids from a good neighborhood who played dress-up as gangstas. They are not a gang.


  6. Oh c’mon Stickie. Did you guys stab anyone to death?

    These guys (allegedly) did.

    Coming from a good neighborhood doesn’t mean jack anymore. Hell from my experience, those are the kids that are more eager to prove they are not soft. We have all seen or heard of suburban kids so desperate to fit in that they act irrationally.

    P.S. I really don’t believe these guys were in a gang, I was just pointing out media bias.


  7. “Street Gangs” must have a history of criminal activity. “Prison Gangs” can be any 3 inmates that form a group for a common goal within prison. So if their group formed in prison it would be considered a gang. On the streets it is a youth group on the way to becoming a gang. If however they find a history of criminal activity amongst these men then the gang enhancement can stick. How fun it must be to be a norteno(northern californian hispanic) in a san diego county jail.


  8. Stickie,

    What is more disturbing rich wannabe’s or kid who do it because they honestly think it is their only route in life? Frankly the kids who had every opportunity in life, and still decide to stab a random group of guys terrifies me. At least I know to stay out of South Sac and DPH. Most gang crime is done in their community, so you can move away from it and avoid damn near all of it. When kids walking home from Bella Vista start shooting up my street while listening to their personalized i-pods I will be scared. How do you defend against kids who know better and still do it? Kids who just want to stab someone because? At least gang members are trying to control a market, not just respect. Gang bangers are idiots who don’t know any better, and could care less about a prison term. These kids are truly evil.


  9. According to today’s follow up story in the Bee, not only is stabbing how we do it Sac-town, but dangerous drinking as well:

    All four men showed off knives they were carrying, the prosecutor said. Jett used his to punch holes in the tops of his beer cans, and said, “This is how we drink in Sac-Town.”

    Right, because we’re too stupid to use tab conveniently provided for opening the can.


  10. Jones, I’m never talking about that night again, but I remember it every time I smell BBQ. Seriously, I got your point on media bias, but these dumb asses are going to be prosecuted as a gang for precisely the reasons that you mentioned. Because they look like a gang and quack like a gang.

    Nick, there are no winners in any murder, whether it was committed by drunk rich idiots or poor desperate idiots. To me, the greatest tragedy is that everyone is wrapped up in talking about the killers that the victim is forgotten. Quick, try to think of the name of the kid who was killed. I don’t remember.

    I had to look it up. His name was Luis Santos.


  11. Stickie, BBQ? I think you lost me there.

    Also, how come it took so long for this to come out? I remember reading it happened sometime in October. Anyone know why we are just now hearing about it?


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