Train fire this morning!

Zombie commuter 2
I’ll stop using this photo when it stops being completely accurate.
Creative Commons License photo credit: Digital Sextant

You know, most days my bike-light rail-bike commute is uneventful. (Most days.) When I have complained about the variable length of trains being an inconvenience that I have been complaining somewhat, though not completely, facetiously. If anything it is a compliment to RT that as a daily LRT commuter this is my chief frustration. (At least, if we don’t get started on the fact that I keep buying monthly passes and yet I haven’t been asked for proof of fare payment in over a year.)

So today I was actually thrilled to have been slightly inconvenienced by the light rail train fire at the Starfire station. I had to disembark Watt/Manlove and catch a shuttle to my usual stop. RT was able to scramble shuttles to meet us there instantaneously.

However, what this incident really made me wonder is: Are you more likely to be killed by a train fire, or by an angry mob of meth zombies who have been inconvenienced by said train fire? Something about a minor but well-handled transit problem can really break through the varnish of humanity that normally keeps our primitive blood lust from the surface. Nothing got out of hand, luckily. And more disappointingly, we didn’t even get to see the fire! They had put it out by then and the burned-out train wasn’t even there.

Author: CoolDMZ

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2 thoughts on “Train fire this morning!”

  1. if i read the article correctly, the train actually took off before the fire was completely extinguished, and they had to pursue it down the tracks for a mile or so. hilarious…


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