Game Guy Show Hits Podwaves

gameguy.jpgChannel 31’s resident video game reporter Scott Fera is producing a podcast called “The Game Guy Show.” Content is really well done, including interviews with major video game players like the creator of “Halo,” strategy stuff from local publisher Prima Games, and two great recurring spots–“Top to Bottom” lists of good and bad games, and “One Night Stand” reviews of his gut reactions to new games. Iit’s a fun ride if you’re into video gaming. Or if you’re obsessed with zombies (who isn’t?)

Here is a link directly to the podcast (it will try to open iTunes on your computer)

Mix 96 is a “Land of Confusion”

Going on 4 days now of being woken up to the plaintive voice of Mr. Phil Collins on Mix 96. (Oh, me not listen to Mix 96, me only not change station on clock radio.) I haven’t been writing down song titles before today (“Hold On My Heart” at 7:04 a.m.) but I’m pretty sure I caught a “Groovy Kind of Love,” and you know there was a “One More Night” in there somewhere.

Something is going on here. Mix 96 is trying to tell me something Phil Collins-related. Am I supposed to go on a personal mission to reunite Genesis? Am I destined to start a parody religion in honor of Mr. Collins? Or maybe am I just supposed to look twice, since on the surface it appears to just be another day for my wife and me in paradise? I need answers.

Sac-centric Yahoo! Groups

As a prominent local blogger, I’m always on the lookout for online sources of local gossip. When I discovered today that most Yahoo! groups publish their message archives as RSS feeds, I was excited at the prospect of getting choice scoops right from the keyboards of Sac’s most dedicated nerds. Well, Yahoo did not let me down (for the first time ever). I present to you a list of 250 Yahoo groups catering to Sacramento residents. But before you click that link, maybe you’d prefer to play my new game “Is it a Real Sacto Yahoo Group or Not?”
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Sacramento radio throws in the towel

Although I really don’t know anyone that regularly listens to FM radio anymore, I did notice that the local station (93.7) that airs the “Howard Stern Show” recently switched formats in preparation for his December departure to satellite. Now I am not saying I listen to the Stern show, that’s like admitting you shop at Wal-Mart…sort of…I just happened upon this radio station while my iPod’s FM transmitter was syncing up, yeah, that’s what happened.

This new format you ask? Jack FM. Just one visit to their lame Web site will give you an idea of the cheese that is Jack. And this name thing for radio stations really bugs. It’s not new, I know, but come on, it’s a radio station. Here’s a good article about the switch (it’s to the sacbee! and it’s good! it CAN happen).
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Desario @ Old Ironsides – October 7, 2005

It was a typical Friday night at Old “I” this past week, with the action starting off with a band called “Desario”. The act is comprised with members of past Sac bands The California Oranges, Holiday Flyer, The Sinking Ships and Rocketship. The four piece delivers melodic rock that I would quantify as a mix of The Gin Blossoms, Weezer, and The Killers.

I guess you could describe Desario as “Nerd Rock”, for they look the part, with specs (three Rivers Cuomo look a likes), plaid shirts and crooning rock songs that cry of insecurity and uncomfortability. The tempos and intensities of the songs remained constant for the most part, missing opportunities for contrast.
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Finally, the Daisy Spot

Let’s give a big Sac Rag indie bossa nova “welcome back” to Sacto’s quirky pop duo Daisy Spot, who are celebrating the release of their self-titled “debut” album tonight at Old Ironsides with Golden Shoulders and Prairie Dog.

I know they’ve only been gone for a little while but while we’re bringing back cutesy pop m/f duos let’s hear from Park Avenue Music. Man, I don’t know what I’d do if I had people telling me not to name drop.

As Yet Untitled @ The Blue Lamp – September 17, 2005

Friday night, I’m intoxicated to the point of assistance when walking, and I end up at the Blue Lamp. The tinsel like backdrop on the stage visually confuses me, but not nearly to the level the act I’m there to see will.

Apparently this band has a following, for the club was at capacity. This, the “CD Release Party” was an opportunity for “Yet” fans to get a listen to the album in it’s entirety live and pick up a copy.

The band came out on stage with miner’s head lamps and began their set. The immediate and relentless barrage nearly crippled me. I watched in astonishment as five grown men assaulted the audience with the most incomprehensible set of rock music I’ve ever witnessed. I swear the entire band is chemically dependent, from a bass player who is clearly on methamphetamine, to a singer, who we will identify as “Mr. Happy”, having a strong preference to cocaine.
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Saturday Night Hotel Happenings

While you may not normally think of a pseudo-seedy chain hotel as a hot spot for cutting edge entertainment, the Clarion on Auburn and Fulton offers some fairly interesting shows every now and then. Saturday night I’m going to be checking out the Free Hooch Comedy Troupe there. They’re promising a whole new show with totally new material, and have even released excerpts from one of their upcoming sketches called Bush vs. Nature:

BUSH: So, in response to this horrible catastrophe, we will be officially declaring war on the terrorist “Mother Nature” and all choose to support her.
REPORTER: Excuse me Mr. Bush, but do we know who is in league with Mother Nature?
BUSH: Yes we do, and to aide our agents in the field, we have created a novelty deck of playing cards listing the names and faces of our gravest enemies. Besides our Ace of Hearts, Mother Nature, we have the Ace of Clubs, Jack Hannah, Ace of Spades, Swamp Thing and the Ace of Diamonds, Captain Planet.

Anyway, check out their website for more info, show starts at 8PM. You’ll definitely see me there.

Th’ Losing Streaks need our help

Via BeatNonStop, a blog by SacBee music guy Chris Macias (big ups to whom, by the way, are due for daring to pose for that picture), although really I heard this first from Heckasac (see, that’s called a “hyperlink,” you use it to alert Web site readers that you’re including a reference to another site on the Internet) Th’ Losin’ Streaks and formerly The Troublemakers lead singer Tim Foster had a burglary at his Oak Park pad and got a bunch of stuff stolen. Not a group to take tragedy lying down in a puddle of Red Stripe and bong water, the local Sacto music scene is staging a benefit concert!

Because if there’s one event out there right now that has victimized innocent peoples’ property, and put them at the mercy of our generosity, it’s the theft of vintage guitars from a Sacramento musician!