I already hear bones breaking

In case you don’t have some outing already planned for tomorrow you can always head over to the Convention Center for some pro domino action. Among others the top ten bones players are scheduled to throw them down. I wonder how the pros wash the dishes. If you have $300 to waste you can probably even sign up and play. Actually, if you just give me 300 big ones, me and my buddies will come to your house and beat you down at a game of muggins.

For all you retro kids out there you can always check out the 8th annual GI JOE show at St. Mary’s. Maybe I can finally get rid of my Terrordrome. Hey, if you get there early you might make the UPN.

Hi, I’m new here BTW.

Remember Museum Day

Don’t forget, Saturday is Museum Day, when most of the museums in town are offering free admission. Between 10 and 4, enjoy Old Masters at the Crocker, pound some hide at Sutter’s Fort, don your engineer’s hat at the Railroad Museum, ride the banister at the Old Governor’s Mansion, see old cars at the Towe Ford, or sniff old pill bottles at the Donald F. Salvatori Pharmacy Museum. That name strikes me as odd, but I can’t quite put my finger on why…

Holiday Touring

For those of you long time Sacramento (down/mid town, east sac-ish) residents you’re sure to know Christmas is right around the corner when Sacred Heart Parish School holds its “most ambitious fundraiser of the year.” That’s right, going on today through Sunday is the 2005 Holiday Home Tour:

Join us for the 32nd year of our self-guided tour of six magnificent homes decorated for the holidays by top interior designers and florists. View the wonderful architecture and experience the creative design ideas of some of the region’s most talented designers.

Remember, ticket organizers are predicting another sellout so get your tickets now! Oh, and “children over the age of 1 must have their own ticket“, it’s a fundraiser for goodness sake! And another thing, leave those Doc Marten’s at home, too…

To protect the homes’ floors and carpets, we respectfully ask tourgoers to remove their shoes or wear booties provided at the door. Tour organizers strongly advise tourgoers to wear shoes that are easy to slip on and off.

And lastly, I’m sure those Jesuit Marauders CoolDMZ wrote about earlier will just be getting back from their “experiment” when you arrive in time to greet you at the door!

Here’s to You, Mr. Bald Ice Skater Business Man

As you know the downtown outdoor ice skating rink is up and running. Usually it’s packed with kids after school hours. Today at lunchtime it was practically empty. That is except for a business man in a full-on suit & tie, leisurely doing laps on his lunch hour, with his hands casually behind his back and that slow-motion relaxed pace that people who can ice skate use. “That guy is cool,” I said to myself. And now you can say it too.

The Day the Lights Went Out in Southport

Spent an idyllic Sunday late morning at Dave’s Pumpkin Patch in West Sac. Did the usual family guy stuff; snapped some nice photos, petted farm animals, walked amongst the pumpkins, stared in horror as subdivisions actually appeared to spread into the farmland. The weather was wonderful, one of those days in Sac that makes you remember weather can actually be nice, rather than just a giant thumb pressing down on you every day. Didn’t plan on putting the CoolDMZ hat on, preferring the blissful anonymity of being just another citizen, rather than one of its foremost chroniclers.

And then everything at Dave’s Pumpkin Patch went haywire, and as you know my friends, that’s when CoolDMZ goes to work.
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Flickr: Photos from Big Fun

So the State Fair is over. The CoolDMZ clan didn’t get a chance to go, though we were thinking about it this fine Labor Day weekend. To see what you missed, or to help jog your memory if you had too many deep fried delicacies and blacked out, check out these Big Fun ’05 tagged Flickr photos that I found via Get in the Sac.

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And who doesn’t love fireworks?

The California State Fair experienced its first fireworks show Friday evening of ’05. Unfortunately, this show wasn’t of the “…skyrockets in flight, afternoon delight” variety. No, the CSF (again, the acronym thing, not good) just wouldn’t be the same without some good old fashioned gunplay. According to News10.net, “as many as nine shots from a .22 caliber handgun” were fired as two groups of teens, “engaged in some kind of altercation with another group.” And to top it all off the suspect (who was arrested) is only 17! And to top it all off even more, “authorities said the alleged gunman threw the handgun away just before he was grabbed by officers on Heritage Lane.” Super, great, grand. Just what we need as folks make their way to the fair from offsite parking. No word yet on whether the gun was retrieved.

Cali-what now?

Graswich has a great tidbit today from one of his readers…

Jacquelin Siegel wonders why the California State Fair is embracing all things Hawaiian, from Hawaiian shirts to Hawaiian surf legends. “That is really sending the wrong message,” Jacquelin said. Fair officials say they tried to limit the Hawaiian references. On the bright side, the fair isn’t embracing all things Texan.

Genius. Can’t wait to avoid that crap. But what’s up with the Texas dig, Bob? I heard it’s unwise to mess.

Because two weeks just wasn’t long enough

Please allow me to switch gears for a moment and do away with this WNV chatter. Who wants to talk California State Fair? According to our dear friends at News10.net this year’s fair has been extended another week! That’s 3, count them, 3 weeks to savor your favorite deep fried chocolate treat, to try out that great utility knife that can simply cut through anything, and to enjoy your favorite band of yesteryear. While I could go on and on about this “celebration of all things Californian” let me leave you this excerpt (also from the News10.net article):

    Parking is $7, though carpools of four or more are $6.

That’s right, our beloved environmentally friendly, always pushing the envelope, never to be outdone, city (could be a state order, I’ll admit) is offering a whopping dollar discount for loading up your SUV with your friends and family and heading out to the fair! Now that’s something to celebrate!