Zombie Train this Friday

Friday evening, join other zombie enthusiasts for the Sacramento Zombie Train. This is a “flash mob,” which is apparently a thing, that aims to get a large number of zombies aboard the last RT train to Folsom. I didn’t realize there was anything but zombies on LRT after hours!

If you want to join up, put on your best zombie costume and board the train that starts at Sac Valley Station at 6:28p. Other notable stops are posted after the break.

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Things to do this weekend

The Sacramento Press has put together a nice listing of the events going on this weekend to celebrate the Fourth of July.

I recently attended a Rivercats game on fireworks night and, man, it’s quite a show. Friday is also $1 Hot Dogs & Desserts night. You can’t beat Raley Field to catch a game.

Anything else going on? I’m sort of ambivalent about this holiday. I love me some flag waving and parading, but could really use less of the round-the-clock neighborhood fireworks for days before and after. Damn kids and their tomfoolery.