Open thread: Local holiday shopping

I was inspired by Stickie’s post about giftable local eats, so I’m starting an open thread for ideas, tips, rants/raves, reviews on local holiday gift shopping. I know that this is sort of a strange topic since we’re an online blog (as opposed to an offline blog which is just standing on a corner and shouting) but we’re also all about local, and there is a certain charm to picking out gifts in person.

We’re a bit behind on ours this year but we love, University Art, and Gifted Gardener.

Things to do this weekend

The Sacramento Press has put together a nice listing of the events going on this weekend to celebrate the Fourth of July.

I recently attended a Rivercats game on fireworks night and, man, it’s quite a show. Friday is also $1 Hot Dogs & Desserts night. You can’t beat Raley Field to catch a game.

Anything else going on? I’m sort of ambivalent about this holiday. I love me some flag waving and parading, but could really use less of the round-the-clock neighborhood fireworks for days before and after. Damn kids and their tomfoolery.