Bringing back the “need-to-know basis”

I was reading this story on about how security at Arden Fall mall used license plate scanners and HD cameras to help police arrest a car thief and couldn’t help but think, “should they really be telling us this stuff?”

One quick scroll down to the comments area (my love/hate with comments continues, btw) and I found I was not alone.

but I wish they wouldn’t release information like this to the media. There are a lot of effective tools out there for law enforcement that have been effective because the bad guys don’t know what they are or where they are. Now there is a better chance that bad guys will know not to drive stolen cars to the Arden mall, which will reduce the effectiveness of the program.

So, what’s your take? Does publicizing these advanced security measures simply help educate would-be criminals to commit craftier crimes? Or, does knowing about this stuff prevent someone from attempting an illegal act? I’m leaning toward the former.

What about you?

Oak Ridge High School Trojans Win State Title

Props to the Oak Ridge High School women’s basketball team for winning their league title, the section title, the NorCal Championship, and now the CIF Division I state basketball championship. The Trojans took down the mighty Jackrabbits of Long Beach Poly 55 – 42 on Saturday night.

The Poly Jackrabbits (32-3) sought to become the first girls or boys team in state history to win five consecutive state titles. The Trojans, however, pieced together their own history by playing a fundamental brand of sharing the ball, defending with purpose and making free throws in the final minutes…Mark Tennis, longtime editor of Cal-Hi Sports/ESPN Rise, called the Trojans’ effort “the biggest upset in state girls championship history; not even close.”


Special props go out to the commenters who called out Ryan Yamamoto’s grammar and typographical errors.

The shoes are called “Uggs”, not “Ughs”. That would be more along the lines of “Ugh! You guys are supposed to be journalists and yet again, you were hellbent on getting the story out quickly as opposed to making sure it was correct.”

Nice one.

Tales from the Octagon

You need somebody watching your back at all times.
You need somebody watching your back at all times.
For those that were not treated to this little gem in Roseville on Thursday night, please to enjoy (INTERESTING TIDBIT: This story was brought to News10’s attention by an anonymous tip from a viewer).

Patrons inside a Roseville Taco Bell got much more than they bargained for Thursday night when a karate instructor walked inside and tried to place one of his employees under citizen’s arrest…”I walked in the front door and I said Riley Lockett, I said you’re under arrest for theiving from me, right now, citizen’s arrest, right now,” Marinoble said.

Boy, sounds like a real tussle. The story continues to get curiouser…

“I did do something really dumb. I went in there and I was stealing money from him because I wasn’t making enough money to pay for my speeding tickets,” Lockett said.

Well, why didn’t you say so? We all know those dang speeding tickets can get pricey. Especially when you’re 17! Man.

As witnessed by the comments at, folks are split on this one. It is a tough call.

What do you think? Should Marinoble have called the police and asked for their assistance in apprehending this youngster? What should happen to the teen? He did confess to the crime and was caught on video.

Waxing nostalgic

In the early days of this here web log, I wrote about former Grant High football star Onterrio Smith’s infamous run-in with the “Whizzinator” which is used to beat drug tests.

Well, it’s more than four years later and I came across this article on earlier today and I had to share (yes, I know Fox40 covered it before it happened, and yet I still press on, crazy, huh?)…

Former NFL player and Grant High School star Onterrio Smith was arrested Wednesday night in Truckee on an outstanding drug possession warrant, according to the Nevada County Sheriff’s Department.

Just when you think you’re out, they PULL you back in.


Souza leaves (left) News10

I still think I am the last to know these sorts of the things as I rarely watch local news, but I did notice that Patty Souza resigned her position as meteorologist early last week. I did not notice, however, that she had not been on the air since July August!

After a very difficult decision, I have decided to leave News10 to pursue other interests and life dreams. This is nothing but positive for me as my life focus and purpose has shifted in a different direction.

These statements are always tough to translate. And, of course, the comments are very useful and constructive.

Luckily, we can follow her on the Twitter pages.

“Stay Classy” alert: Lance’s bike stolen

News10’s Ryan Yamamoto reports that cycling legend Lance Armstrong’s one-of-a-kind time trial bike was stolen from his trailer overnight. The trailer was parked behind the new Residence Inn downtown. Yay Sacramento!

This is also a “Stay Classy” alert due to the use of the acronym “WTF” in a news article, quoting Armstrong’s Twitter feed. Yay 21st century newsgathering!

“Cable’s Comment” makes a comeback!

In case you missed this last week, CBS13’s Chris Burrous invited legendary News10 anchor Dick Cable to co-anchor the 9am edition of GDS. Cable reprises his “Cable’s Comment” feature, talking about his life in retirement, living with diabetes, and revealing that he listens to Amy Winehouse on his iPod while running with his dogs. If you’re a Sac nostalgia freak this is the coolest video of the day!

UFO story brings us back

Remember when things were going so well in this country that we cared about space exploration and whether or not we were alone in the universe? This UFO story in Sacramento should help you recall those memories of old.

Plus, this story is one of the few examples of the comments feature being used less annoyingly by “news” organizations. They read like a story. A real page turner…

So, please to enjoy. And, if you’re like me, you can’t help but remember that episode of The Brady Bunch where Greg plays a joke on the gang by fabricating his own UFO.

Local kitty’s fur has message for mommy

i heart dotIf you read the venerable Boing Boing every day, which you should, you may have seen this post yesterday about a kitty born right here in Sacramento with a marking that looks a lot like “I ” on its fur. The kitten’s mommy’s name is Dottie so it’s ever so adowable.

Too bad, though, that Boing Boing didn’t go straight to News10’s story on the wittle kitty, including the mixed and produced video, instead linking to KAUX out of Texoma, which has a much shorter story and the raw video only, complete with traffic noise and videographers’ voices. And is, you know, in Texoma rather than Sacramento where the wittle kitty wesides.