Furlough Fridays Found Falsely Foisted!

An analysis was conducted by a non-partisan and neutral economic research firm that discovered the furloughs are actually harming the California economy. Hear that silence? That is the sound of local businesses dying.

The California Supreme Court ruled today that furloughs on state employees are not illegal, but that the Governor does not have the power to impose them. This creates a window of opportunity for Californians like you to stand up and call to an end of this ridiculous practice.

What? You support the furloughs? Well, read on, dear Sacraggians, maybe I can change your mind with some hard facts.
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State Fair announces new theme

It looks like Stickie will be donning his pith helmet this summer as the California State Fair announced on Wednesday that its theme will be “Your Passport to Adventure” this year.

Fairgoers will be offered a summer concert series and new attractions, including the first U.S. appearance of the “Days of the Dinosaur” exhibit with dinosaur robots, skeleton replicas and a kids’ archaeological dig. The fair also will have a new jungle adventure with reptiles, birds and amphibians; and an animation and pop culture exhibit.

The Fair finally decided to the move the dates to avoid back to school issues.

For the first time in more than 100 years, the California State Fair has moved off its traditional Labor Day schedule to a July event. An adventure will be waiting inside Cal Expo from Wednesday, July 14 to Sunday, August 1, a 19-day summer schedule that will no longer conflict with the busy back-to-school season.

Those looking to showcase their performing skills can submit an Entertainment Application by March 31st. You hear that, sac-eats?

Smashburger coming, seeks hungry rockers

Boring food calls for wacky PR stunts, like child shrinking
Citrus Heights is getting NorCal’s first Smashburger on March 31. My carnivorous friends scattered across the country generally agree that Smashburger is a decent burger, but I don’t really care. I won’t be eating there, as I generally avoid franchise restaurants like the plague, especially if they don’t serve draft beer. And do we really need another pre-programed burger joint in a city full of local businesses serving great, even famous, burgers? Hell no, says I.

I am, however, highly amused by the PR 101 tactics being employed to attract attention. Bands of Sacramento, are you ready for the big time? Are you ready to ROCK SMASHBURGER? (The caps indicate that you are supposed to mentally read that phrase in your most rocking DJ voice. I choose to hear Shadoe Stevens in my head at his most Fred Rated extreme.)

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God hates everybody, especially YOU

Westboro Baptist Church - intelligent and fierce!
Guess who’s coming to town? That’s right, the Westboro Baptist Church, an internationally recognized hate group that has been banned by the United Kingdom, will be coming to Sacramento to remind us that we are all sinners doomed to hell. Why? We are all Satan worshipers for following religions such as Judaism, Catholicism or Islam, and America is being punished by God because we embrace homosexuality. They have appeared at the funerals of American soldiers, college students, Michael Jackson, Mr. Rogers, and Jerry Falwell, informing their families, loved ones and the world that the deceased was currently burning in hell for all eternity, and you are next, Satanist!

This Friday they are coming for you.

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