Open thread: Local holiday shopping

I was inspired by Stickie’s post about giftable local eats, so I’m starting an open thread for ideas, tips, rants/raves, reviews on local holiday gift shopping. I know that this is sort of a strange topic since we’re an online blog (as opposed to an offline blog which is just standing on a corner and shouting) but we’re also all about local, and there is a certain charm to picking out gifts in person.

We’re a bit behind on ours this year but we love, University Art, and Gifted Gardener.

Perhaps the most awesome sign in the region?

I don’t often find myself out in the greater Madison and San Juan area, but on a recent trip, I drove past this, gasped so hard it required a huff on my Albuterol, and pulled a quick and highly illegal u-turn. I challenge the SacRagians to find a more awesome sign than this one in the 916.

Email sign photos to for consideration for some sort of fantastic prize.

What’s your limit on the current economic turmoil?

The impending closure of a Sam’s Club in Natomas is less heart breaking than Saturday’s closing of Wishing Well. (Though it should probably freak us out more, since Walmart (parent company of Sam’s Club) was cited as the reason Wishing Well can’t compete.) Only the coldest market capitalist robot isn’t sad to see his or her favorite local business go under. Wishing Well was one of my favorite local establishments and I’m actually saddened to see it go.

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UPDATED: Media disconnect in the Tracy case

SEE UPDATE BELOW. Obviously we want the media to publicize Amber Alerts and report on murders. But there seems to be a disconnect between the media’s tendency to tout its own policies on not reporting certain details of crimes and its tendency to run for days with details of other crimes. What has happened in Tracy is completely devastating. When a story starts its life as an Amber Alert, but ends up being a story about a grisly murder, shouldn’t the media not want to have the victim’s face and name and the unspeakable details about what happened to her plastered all over the front page and sold as the top story?

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Christmas tree recommendation open thread

Post your comments below if you have a good Christmas tree purchasing tip. My recommendation is Three Women and an Armoire, which is probably the best antique dealer in town. They have a selection of splendidly-priced trees, and you can pick up some unique furniture too. I picked up a 6′ Noble fir for $30 and an antique Chinese cabinet for $745 (just kidding).

Three Women and an Armoire
1116 F Street – 447-2168