What’s your limit on the current economic turmoil?

The impending closure of a Sam’s Club in Natomas is less heart breaking than Saturday’s closing of Wishing Well. (Though it should probably freak us out more, since Walmart (parent company of Sam’s Club) was cited as the reason Wishing Well can’t compete.) Only the coldest market capitalist robot isn’t sad to see his or her favorite local business go under. Wishing Well was one of my favorite local establishments and I’m actually saddened to see it go.

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Jimboy’s Grass Valley – A giant history taco

Checked out Jimboy’s Tacos second-newest location in picturesque Grass Valley this weekend, and let me tell you, it’s a treat. The same menu, the same addictive taco, the same distinctive taco sauce, with a few wonderful additions: free refills, which for Jimboy’s lovers is like manna from the heavens, and a delightful decor more appropriate for a sit-down taqueria than a fast-food joint. And along with your local boosterism you get some historical photos and one big lesson: as it turns out, the original Jimboy was a Grass Valley native! Though Jimboy himself is no longer manning the grease station (thanks MTSac), his name lives on. And after 50 years it’s finally come back full circle. And I am seeing an additional benefit of the Sunday taco sale–next time you’re making your way back from the North Shore enjoying some great skiing, stop off for a six pack of ground beef goodness (and the other kind of six pack too–they serve Cerveca). West off the Brunswick exit in Grass Valley.

Sports! Sports! Tacos! Sports!

At The Sac Rag, we don’t just bring the snark, we bring you The News You Need. Tonight, if the Sacramento River Cats win their Pacific Conference Championship Series Playoff game against the hated Tacoma Rainers, everyone in Sacramento wins a FREE taco from Jimboy’s. If that’s not a reason to catch Pacific Conference Championship fever, well then I just don’t know anything about public health scares. The taco can be consumed on Saturday. Go Cats!

Speaking of sports, The Sac Rag is now seeking a local blogger to cover prep football. From Del Oro to Sheldon, from River City to Ponderosa, local prep junkies want to know the scoop, and they want their scoop snarky. Inquire at cooldmz-at-gmail.com or through our Contact Us page.

UPDATE: 2-2 in the top of the 5th… Come on taco!!

UPDATE: Uh oh, 3 runs for Tacoma in top 6. Let’s go Cats!

UPDATE: Smell the grease… 5-4 Rainiers going into the last frame.