CoolDMZ Makes Headlines

If you don’t get the Sac Bee you haven’t seen this article about my alter-ego Don Zacharias. I will just let my words speak for themselves. Scroll down for pictures.

UPDATE: So far so good, nice to see so many new commenters. One more tidbit on the piece:

Q: What do you think you communicate about Sactown better than anyone else?
A: I guess there are certain constraints on serious journalism, but we’re not constrained, we’re just being the snarky jokester.

David Barton is a great guy, but can anybody else tell that he/The Bee changed this question for print?

UPDATE: Heckasac calls b.s. I call jealousy. The News & Review is good too.

SNR Picks Sac’s Best Sites

Perusing the newly released Best of Sacramento list over at the Snooze and Review (get it?) I am not surprised to see that The Sac Rag’s acquisition of the top spot in the hearts and minds of Sacramento’s online set is going to have to continue to work the grassroots approach. Lots of press for Heckasac as Best entertainment blog and readers-choice Best Blog (beating out frickin Weintraub, wow). Two of the award-winning sites hit us up with semi-frequent linkage (Heckasac and Uneasy Rhetoric) so maybe this well deserved attention for those bloggers will give the Rag crew a little indirect lovin’.

At least, that’s how I was thinking until I found the results of Reader’s Choice best local Web site:

3. Sacramento

Well, zero out of 3 ain’t bad. Do not click the first two, but click the third for a nice laugh (unless you designed that site, in which case, nice work. Great job.)

On an unrelated note, though, thank you Chrisanne Beckner for giving me the answer to a riddle by exposing A&A Imports as the source of the strong and enticing donut smell at McKinley Park.

The Rag Board is Live!

Okay Sac Raggers, share your love for the mean streets of 916 on The Rag Board. We’re talking old-skool message board here, folks. Enjoy it while you can, meaning until spam creeps figure out how to spam it.

Tip: Click on this icon: to sign up as a new member. First person to post who is not a Sac Rag contributor gets a free t-shirt!!

UPDATE: And the free t-shirt winner is local blogger Plum Win. Congrats!

UPDATE: Here are some more tips on using it–the main screen has Forums with multiple posts. It’s not threaded because it’s so low-budg. To get “back” out of it, Squirty Tip, click the beautiful banner at the top. I’ll put a home link in there too JIC.