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We’re 2 now, so we talk like it. That’s right, today marks the 2nd birthday of this here Web log! According to WordPress, “There are currently 1,128 post and 4,599 comments, contained within 83 categories.”

I have recently realized that there are more “Sac Rag people” than I can name offhand and I love that. And there are new ones every day. I think it’s a great place to be and I see us growing by leaps and bounds this year. I’m sure I speak for all my compatriates when I say that being part of The Sac Rag is one of the most fun things I’ve ever done. Thanks to all the readers for making it a fun 2 years.

Holla at your board!

Lately we’ve been getting a lot of “I don’t know where to put this” comments, from document dumping to appointment TV spoilers, so I’ve decided to dust off an old idea and reintroduce The Rag Board, a community forum. This time it’s powered by bbPress, a robust forum software built by the WordPress people.

Sign up today and start posting. Feel free to send me ideas for new Forums, though the 3 existing ones should give us enough fuel for a while. I’m making a goal of 30 discussions going by the end of April. Have fun!

Comments, login weirdness

By the way, authors and commenters alike: The system does appear to know that you’re logged in, it just doesn’t tell you that. No matter what you put for your “Name” in the comment form, if you’re logged in, it’s going to use your display name.

Any frequent commenters who haven’t already (and that’s all but one of you)… go ahead and register for a subscriber account and lock in that screen name!

The Sac Rag: The First 365 Days


Today marks the first year of publication here at The Sac Rag, and we couldn’t have done it without You, our dedicated readers and commenters, and the occasional wack job who helped us cause a mild stir. What started with two writers has ballooned into a crack writing staff of a dozen covering everything from shopping and eating to news and sports. Some numbers: 615 posts, 1651 comments, zero awards, 2 mentions in the Bee, 399 visitors on our biggest day (11/4/2005).

We thought we would share some of our thoughts on this momentous occasion, and the thoughts of at least one local celebrity…
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I don’t think I’m taking too much liberty in using this forum to wish our fearless co-leader COOLDMZ an amazingly happy birthday. I thought about putting something clever like “It’s Yo Birfday” until I realized that that wouldn’t actually be all that clever. So I’ll just go with a simple “Happy Birthday” and leave it at that. Anyone care to join me?