Sac not one of bloggiest cities?

In fact, we didn’t even make the website… via Boing Boing, here is, another placeblog site. Their list of “bloggiest neighborhoods” includes one norcal hood, Potrero Hill in SF, and highlights the Potrero Hill SF blog.

I’m a total homer, but I think Sacramento is very very bloggy. Don’t you think? I don’t know how a small district of a city is more bloggy than Sac. We’re definitely the snarkiest norcal town…

Greetings From Orange County

Just in case you thought that any of our surrounding suburbs has the market cornered on commercialism, don’t forget about our California cousins in Orange County.  I was driving from my hotel last night when a passed a street sign and, not believing what I was seeing, turned around and looked at it again.  The street name was “Shoppertainment Ave.”  And yes, you guessed it, it leads directly to a mall.

We Don’t Need Another Hero

What we need is more national attention in the media like in the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly. Profiled on page 4 in the “Obsessive Fan of the Week” blurb is Lincoln resident Joe Ristau who has an entire room of his house dedicated to all things Tina Turner, including every CD, recordings of all her TV appearances, autographs, posters, trading cards, and cardboard cut-outs. There is no Ike in sight in the photo.

Yes, this is a pointless post; I was just excited to see Lincoln in my magazine. Yay for Joe the Tina Turner fan!

Massive Meteorite Found in Delta

CBS-13 reported today on a meteorite found ten miles west of Stockton on Victoria Island. The crater is estimated to be three miles wide, several times larger than the really cool Barringer Meteor Crater in Arizona. Scientists think that the impact was 50 million years ago and will begin excavating the blast site that lies underneath more than a mile of soil.

Could this be the magical tourist attraction that will change Stockton from a mediocre backwater shithole to… a less mediocre backwater shithole? If not, I hope that they can dig up enough of the fragments to put an exhibit on this in the Haggin Museum.

I’m doing research, honest.

I would make this one a “Make us laugh” post, but that clearly doesn’t motivate folks. But, you know what motivates people? MySpace (a place for friends) discussions. With that said…

Access to MySpace has been blocked at the Lodi Police Department.

Police officials say they decided to block access to MySpace on the department’s internal network because officers were spending too much time browsing online.

But, never fear, officers who use the site for investigations or other authorized reasons will still have access.

Hmm, if you have a site that may need to be visited from time to time for investigations and other authorized reasons, do you really need to be on that site for non-investigations and unauthorized reasons?