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Today’s Bee reports that Haagen Dazs is donating $100,000 to UC Davis to help find out why honey bees are disappearing at alarming rates. (OK, so I grew up watching Leonard Nimoy’s In Search Of and being frightened about the impending killer bees, and now the nice bees are vanishing? What gives? I want to keep bees.)

What products or companies would you suggest as possible sponsors or tie-ins to other issues plaguing our region, and why can’t I think of how to work Mayor McCheese into any of this?

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  1. I was also terrified of killer bees from that In Search Of episode! It aired in 1975 and they said the bees would get to the US from South America in 1980. I was seven years old at the time and we lived in San Diego, so I figured they would come to our area first. I remember sitting in my bedroom counting out how many years I had left to live before the bees arrived and killed us all. The sad thing is my parents did nothing to keep me from worrying about it…


  2. That is awesome. Rob Fong is a funny guy — he’s always the highlight at various fundraising and civic events where he’s the MC.


  3. The honey bee was originally brought over from Europe during the colonilization period. The Indians called them, White Man’s Fly. FYI.


  4. Thank you for that tidbit, He Who Comments on Blog

    I’m playing my Native American card today, so please, nobody comment that I’m being’s my right to make comments like that (and catch twice the regular legal limit of fish.)


  5. Product placement is why I would never buy copies of any sitcom. I barely tolerate watching product placement for free.


  6. Sounds like a real honey of a problem. While I’ve never had Haagen Dazs’ “Bee Ice Cream”, maybe they could just use a substitute ingrediant for a few years: BEEtles in place of Bees?

    I don’t think corporate sponsorship will work. The bees are too small to either put a sign on, or to carry the corporate logos on a banner like those airplanes. Now you COULD put a “Micky Dees” logo on an elephant, so maybe the solution is simple– larger bees! There must be some hormone (Barry Bonds, etc.) we can give the bees to increase size? And then you wouldn’t need as many of them (one giant bee = 100,000 little bees) to boot! Just bee careful- once you start down that Rocky Road, it’s hard to recover.


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