Perhaps the most awesome sign in the region?

I don’t often find myself out in the greater Madison and San Juan area, but on a recent trip, I drove past this, gasped so hard it required a huff on my Albuterol, and pulled a quick and highly illegal u-turn. I challenge the SacRagians to find a more awesome sign than this one in the 916.

Email sign photos to for consideration for some sort of fantastic prize.

4 thoughts on “Perhaps the most awesome sign in the region?”

  1. West bound 50, just before Sunrise. The billboard for a strip club reads something like “thousands of beautiful girls, and three ugly ones.”


  2. I LOVE this sign and I see it on my way home from the gym almost nightly. Ok, who am I kidding– I don’t go to the gym every night– but when I see it, I die laughing!


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