Sac Press contest awards local writers

The Sacramento Press recently announced its third annual Journalism Open, a unique contest for local amateur journalists:

Holding true to its strong belief in community engagement, The Sacramento Press accepts writers of all skill levels to enter the Journalism Open. This pro-am approach allows the community to report on a wide range of issues that are most important to and affect local neighborhoods. Stories can range from insight on an upcoming City Council election to a favorite landmark in the Sacramento region. The Journalism Open encourages participants to report on stories that they are passionate about – reiterating that no story is too small.

2011 grand prize winner Isaac Gonzalez parlayed his success into the launch of Continue reading “Sac Press contest awards local writers”

Zocalo head chef a Food Network/YouTube star

Ryan Rose, the 28 year old head chef at Zocalo, is one of the 15 finalists in the Food Network’s “The Next Food Network Star” YouTube contest. Guy Fieri is a previous winner of the broadcast version of the contest (Rose is a contestant in the YouTube offshoot), but let’s not hold that against Rose.

I’ve had the birria at Zocalo and that dish alone should make Rose eligible for a Nobel, much less reality competition success. Good luck, local boy!

Here is a link to Rose’s video entry, “Ryan’s Paella.” Upvote and bring home a victory for local eats!

2010 Forecast: Heavy (!) traffic in Rancho Cordova’s drive-thrus

Getting too big for its boundaries
If you’re a sacrilegious, unemployed heathen who happens to be in Rancho Cordova at any point in time, please disregard this post.

As reported by the Sac Bee, the mayor of Rancho Cordova has big plans for the fair-sized denizens of his city:

Rancho Cordova’s “Great Health Challenge,” planned for announcement at tonight’s City Council meeting, calls for members of the community to drop a combined 40,000 pounds – 20 tons – over the next 10 months.

A rather ambitious objective, I would say. Continue reading “2010 Forecast: Heavy (!) traffic in Rancho Cordova’s drive-thrus”

Don’t mess with Texas

I received an email this morning informing me that the Sacramento Cowtown Marathon is holding a contest to change their name. Why? Because they have to!

When we decided to revitalize the long-standing Sacramento Marathon in 2005 our goal was to give it a name, identity, and personality that would be fun and relevant for our community. At the risk of being offensive to some, we renamed the event to the Sacramento Cowtown Marathon. Our runners not only embraced the name “Cowtown”, but also the theme, the festivities, and, of course, our cows. After all, who could resist those loveable, yet admittedly forlorn, cows that grace our race shirts each year?

Makes sense to me. If you can’t beat’em, join’em, right?

Simply put, Sacramento is no longer a cowtown & the name no longer accurately describes our community. We’re ready to forge ahead proud to leave this outdated ‘description’ behind us…Apparently, not so in Texas! The folks in Fort Worth, TX, their runners, their attorneys, and no doubt their cows, are so pleased to have the distinction of still actually being, well, a “cowtown” that they will go to any lengths to covet the name “Cowtown Marathon” exclusively. So, we are relinquishing the name and they can now maintain a legacy Sacramento no longer has to endure.

Alrighty then…So, what would your suggestion be? Feel free to submit it formally, and even in the name of the SacRag if you want to be really cool. Otherwise, leave your snarky goodness as a comment and we’ll have some fun at Sacramento’s expense.

Perhaps the most awesome sign in the region?

I don’t often find myself out in the greater Madison and San Juan area, but on a recent trip, I drove past this, gasped so hard it required a huff on my Albuterol, and pulled a quick and highly illegal u-turn. I challenge the SacRagians to find a more awesome sign than this one in the 916.

Email sign photos to for consideration for some sort of fantastic prize.

“Spring Awakening” Contest winner

And we have a winner: Kassie Rivera, a local actress, correctly answered our trivia question, which was:

What musical was performed in Sacramento by a local theater company with the musical numbers done in reverse order, and then after only one performance had all subsequent shows cancelled by order of the composer?

The answer: Merrily We Roll Along, by the inimitable Stephen Sondheim. The script for this play unfolds backwards, so this appears to have been an attempt to turn it back to regular. Kassie will be seeing “Spring Awakening” in recognition of her local theater trivia pwnage. Congratulations Kassie!

That was fun, you’ll definitely be seeing more contests here in the future.

The (un)official haiku contest of The Sac Rag

In these troubled times, expressing ourselves artistically is how we survive — the hope of a new sunrise (and perchance that Laurence Fishburne can deftly fill William Peterson’s shoes.) RunnerGirl thusly introduces The Sac Rag haiku competition.  That’s right — with no authorization from our esteemed founders, I am going all rogue and am offering the grand prize of a genuine canvas bag from THE actual Mood Fabrics in New York City, as seen on Project Runway. You can only buy these at the Mood store.

Here are the rules:
1. Your entry must follow the traditional 5-7-5 syllable structure of haiku
2. It must address a current event
3. Entries must be received no later than noon on Friday, February 13.

Here is an example to get you started:

Obama, save us
Billions* and billions, like stars
We’re shovel-ready

*Assuming you pronounce it like “bill-yuns”  and not “beel-ee-ons”