Spring Sun brings Garden Fun!

Backyard Farmer GreenBeet & her 45 lb. watermelon from last summer's bounty.

I have someone I’d like you to meet.
It’s me. Myself. Good ol’ GreenBeet.

Did you know that I like to garden?
Not roses or pansies, I’ll beg your pardon!

I mean backyard farming with veggies and stuff
Not tulips and lilies and pansy girl fluff

I mean heirloom tomatoes—yes, hornworms and all
Watermelon in summer and spinach in fall

If there’s a veggie to grow, I’ll plant it and pray
That the aphids don’t kill it before it sees light of day

But I’m a serious gardener—I only eat what I grow
Well, I make exceptions for beer—I’m no ninny, you know

Now, I’d like to recruit you. Come e-farm with me!
We’ll each tend our own gardens, then meet here for e-tea

We’ll chat up our findings, we’ll compile our knowledge
We’ll earn garden degrees without going to college

I’ll tell you how to kill slugs, the bane of my life
I’ll help you tackle the pains of gardening strife

Let’s do it! Let’s farm! Let’s eat veggies all year!
And if you want answers, you’ll find them right here.

Now invite all your friends to come out and play
With this rhyming backyard farmer. I’ll be here every *Thursday.

Have questions? Let’s talk! I’m like the date to your garden’s prom
You’ll find me right here: greenbeet at sacrag dot com

*Well, I’ll be here once a week; the weekday will vary. But “week” didn’t rhyme with “play,” so I just went for it.

8 thoughts on “Spring Sun brings Garden Fun!”

  1. I’m vegetarian, but I would probably starve to death on what I’ve planted this year in my yard: tomatoes (not heirloom, just Big Boys that were on sale at Raley’s), poblanos and jalapeno peppers, and the usual pots of parsley, basil, and cilantro. Since I don’t want to live on salsa all winter, can’t I cheat a bit and go to the local grocery store for sourdough bread, cheese and red wine?


  2. You can get those from your local farmer. In fact, at the Sunday farmers’ market, you can get all those ingredients, plus the olive oil and balsamic to slather over those tomatoes or dip the bread in.

    But you shouldn’t feel bad about going to the grocery store sometimes. It’s all about doing a little bit here and a little bit there.

    I’ve created some recipes that are all vegetarian, all made with ingredients you can get at your farmers’ market or from your own garden. Check this one out: http://awakeatthewhisk.blogspot.com/2010/02/complete-farmers-market-meal-double.html


  3. Terrific! Now my second question: in order to participate in the Thursday discussions, will we have to write all of our inquiries in rhymed couplets?


  4. I planted bacon,
    nothing grew.
    I planted chive,
    now I have two!

    Yes- quite a mellon, but doesn’t it still have the sticker from the store on it? 😉


  5. Sundog, the best way to post your questions is to email them to me: greenbeet AT sacrag DOT com. Then I’ll choose a few from the many and post the Q & A on SacRag once a week. You can ask your questions either in rhyme or not. 😉


  6. Indeed! I saved seeds from that very melon, so perhaps I’ll get one even bigger. Fingers crossed!


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