Attention Local Ipod Users

Interesting term I learned the other day: reticular indicator. A reticular indicator is something that is around you but you don’t notice until someone points it out to you, and then you see it everywhere. Like the Toyota Prius. There were a lot on the road, but when they started getting more press and that kinda hippieyuppie friend of yours bought one, you started noticing them a lot more. Didn’t you? Anyway, I just got myself an IPod and I’ve noticed that just about everyone who isn’t pushing a shopping cart has one. So, to the local angle. If you happen to be using the Griffin ITrip FM adapter with your IPod in the Sacramento area, I’ve found the station with the least amount of interference and the best IPod signal is 97.5. If you don’t have an IPod, or aren’t using the ITrip, then please, ignore. But now that I’ve pointed it out, you won’t be able to ignore it. Will you?

Elk Grove Gut Bomb

I don’t know anyone who lives in Elk Grove, so I don’t know who to tell about my latest eating experience. If you know someone in Elk Grove, tell them to go and sup full at Todo un Poco. First of all, the atmosphere is cute and dark and candle lit and does not at all suggest the stucco stripmall in which it actually resides. The service was efficient and polite and the portions make Claim Jumper look like a haven for anorexics. My pasta putanesca, (literally translated (no kidding) whore’s pasta)), was fantastic, with slow roasted meats and plenty of veggies in the hearty sauce. My beautiful companion went for a salmon dish with great flavors and a beautiful presentation.

The hallmark of Todo un Poco though, was its bread.
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Saturday Night Hotel Happenings

While you may not normally think of a pseudo-seedy chain hotel as a hot spot for cutting edge entertainment, the Clarion on Auburn and Fulton offers some fairly interesting shows every now and then. Saturday night I’m going to be checking out the Free Hooch Comedy Troupe there. They’re promising a whole new show with totally new material, and have even released excerpts from one of their upcoming sketches called Bush vs. Nature:

BUSH: So, in response to this horrible catastrophe, we will be officially declaring war on the terrorist “Mother Nature” and all choose to support her.
REPORTER: Excuse me Mr. Bush, but do we know who is in league with Mother Nature?
BUSH: Yes we do, and to aide our agents in the field, we have created a novelty deck of playing cards listing the names and faces of our gravest enemies. Besides our Ace of Hearts, Mother Nature, we have the Ace of Clubs, Jack Hannah, Ace of Spades, Swamp Thing and the Ace of Diamonds, Captain Planet.

Anyway, check out their website for more info, show starts at 8PM. You’ll definitely see me there.

California Brewer’s Festival

On Saturday, I was privileged to attend the California Brewer�s Festival at Discovery Park. It was a fantastically fun event with a diverse crowd and plenty of beer. For $20, much of which went toward hurricane victims, you got 10 tokens, good for beer samples and the option to purchase more. Since my memory of the event is a little shaky, I thought I�d just post my notes from the event.
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Three-Way Thai

It seems like Thai restaurants are popping up faster than teenage wood at the new Hooters joint at Arden fair. While they might not contain sweater meat and rib cushions in profusion, Thai restaurants usually provide an exciting array of uniquely spiced dishes, crisp Asian beer and creative head-dresses.

I’m not sure when it was that Thai went from fringe ethic eats to mainstream American diet, but I knew when I saw a “Taste of Bangkok” booth at the state fair that Thai food had definitely arrived. Let’s talk about the three I’ve eaten at most recently:
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Like the Phoenix, Rising from the Ashes

According to the Bee today. The Nut Tree will be rebuilt on its original site:

Nine years after the original Nut Tree folded, groundbreaking is set for Aug. 25 on a $200 million development alongside Interstate 80 that will include restaurants, hotels, townhouses, shops and a farmers market. There will be a kiddie-style amusement park, complete with the old miniature Nut Tree train.

I’m very excited at the prospect of a new miniature Nut Tree railroad and the opportunity to purchase comically oversized cookies and undrsized loaves of bread. No word yet, though, on whether or not the new development will feature a 1776 ft “Freedom Tower.”

Spilling Over With Excitement

YEAH! I’m thrilled to be a new member of the Sac-rag family. Hopefully I’ll be able to contribute my cock-eyed slant to the local eats scene, informing, entertaining and whetting the appetites of the public. Be forewarned though, if your restaurant offers gift cards, has a predominantly English speaking workforce or is owned by Randy Paragary you probably already get your knob slobbered enough by Sacramento magazine and its bastard children. We’re on the lookout for the overlooked, downtrodden and truly delicious. Color me excited.