New App Lets Customers Vent, Privately

These stickers for the iSuggest app can be found at participating businesses around Sac.

In a world of blogging, online reviewing, and social media, we have a lot of opportunities to shout about our customer experiences in public. Yet, where have all the suggestion boxes gone? A new, local app called iSuggest seeks to address this very issue, turning away from the public persona of sites like Yelp.

Unless you’ve been living in an Internet-free cave, you’ve probably heard of Yelp, the website that allows customers to review local businesses. Over the years, this foodie-centric site has taken grief from traditional food writers and restaurant owners alike for Yelpers’ ability to post snarky feedback based on a one-time bad experience that may or may not reflect the business’s otherwise consistent costumer service, or to praise a sloppy business because their mother runs it.

If you’re one of the many passive customers who long to leave feedback (good or bad), but don’t feel the urge to splash it all over the public internet, this Sacramento-based free app was recently released just for folks like you. iSuggest offers a way to send immediate, even anonymous, feedback to business owners.

What’s in it for the person leaving feedback? Business owners who opt in are encouraged to offer rewards or coupons for helpful suggestions. Of course, business owners love it because it eliminates public complaining, an opportunity to correct the problem and directly communicate with the person leaving feedback.

“This is a win-win,” says Sacramento’s Matt Brickley, iSuggest marketing director. Continue reading “New App Lets Customers Vent, Privately”

Visit us on the web at…

One passes by these “For Lease” signs all the time, right?

www . Naghe, Naghe, Not gonna work here anymore!

Good luck remembering this website address…

www . Naghe, Naghe, Not gonna work here anymore!

In other Natomas news, I noticed the old Baja Fresh (2600 Gateway Oaks Drive, time to take the sign down yet?) has a Steve’s Pizza banner up in the window (which has recently fallen down making me wonder if this is also dying a quick death a la the other Mexican grill that took Baja’s place. Something in Spanish having to do with fire. El Feugo?

People wait in lines to act like people

$70 for the toddler version!

We all know about the Black Friday deals that bring out the best in people, but running a close second is the release of Air Jordan basketball shoes. Just like in 2009 (wow, to the day no less), folks went nuts this morning trying to get their hands on the $170 sneakers.

When Champs, which was selling the highly coveted Air Jordans, couldn’t handle the crowd, workers called in security and Citrus Heights police officers. Now, store management is refusing to open the gate until the crowd disperses.

Fa la la la la, la la la la.

More from KCRA

Many said they will easily sell the shoes on Ebay for up to $500. Arden Fair’s security team hired eight off-duty Sacramento police officers to secure the area. Overnight, as some people tried to cut in line, fights erupted, according to those who were waiting. In past years, people who managed to buy Air Jordans sometimes lost them to armed robbers as they left the mall’s property.

Pa rum pum pum pum.

On the plus side, I did notice that my 2009 post mentions the shoes selling for $175. This year’s version are going for $170. Inflation, shminflation.

Sacramento added to Google Offers

Google Offers comes to Sacramento
How did they get that cool car in the restaurant?

The maybe-late-to-the-game-but-sure-to-dominate-the-market-eventually Google Offers program added Sacramento today along with Detroit, Indianapolis, Ft. Worth, Long Beach, and St. Louis.

The first deal in Sacramento?

Sacramento: $5 for $15 of burgers, sandwiches, salads and more at Hamburger Patties
The days of ’50s diners may be long gone, but you can still get a great burger, fries and shake in Sacramento at Hamburger Patties. With 18 different burger offerings, 16 sandwiches, weekend brunch, a separate menu for vegetarians and mighty meal choices for kids, Hamburger Patties is a go-to spot for River City residents.

I’ll see what kind of offers I receive, but I did enjoy the “Look inside” (360-degree view) feature which is something Google has going for it, I am sure.

Sacramento in “pageant mode”

Would Sacramento find the U.S. on a map?

In this News10 story about California losing green businesses (nice effect with the scrolling list of businesses leaving California during the piece), we learn that “the number of companies moving out of the state is five times higher than the rate of companies that moved out of California in 2009.” The two main causes of this exodus are said to be regulations and energy costs, but what I found most interesting was the lack of an organized effort by the state to lure/keep businesses to California.

Business owners said California can learn from other states who are working hard to attract business. Krehnke said many cities they toured went into “pageant mode.” “[We were assigned] a dedicated person to call anytime to ask questions,” Krehnke said. “They arranged meetings with the mayor so we got very good exposure to the right people. We were educated on incentives and they went out of their way to put themselves in a good light.”

What would Sacramento look like if it went into “pageant mode”? My guess is it would do well in the swimsuit competition, but really struggle in the question and answer piece. But, seriously, what’s going on here? Continue reading “Sacramento in “pageant mode””

They had us at breakdancers

Popping hasn’t made the same comeback that breakdancing has.
RonTopofIt will change that.

Following up on CoolDMZ’s post, Cars on K Street?, it appears cars will return to K Street tomorrow (Saturday, November 12) for the first time in 42 years.

Mayor Kevin Johnson believes allowing vehicles back on K Street will help businesses that have fallen on hard times. Johnson will be kicking off the celebration at 4 p.m. Saturday at the intersection of 12th and K streets. There will be breakdancers, performers, live music, and a classic car parade led by the mayor.

I was always more of a Beat Street guy.

Many business owners and general managers are eagerly anticipating vehicles coming back to K Street. Trisha Flynn, co-owner of Chops Steakhouse, says it’s been long overdue. “It gives them more of a comfortable view to come through, if they like,” she says. “And just makes it more of a city street, there is still plenty of room for folks to walk and stroll, and the trains will share the street.”

Let us analyze, “It gives them more of a comfortable view to come through,” shall we? Turty Squip, you’ve been quiet lately, you get us started.

The upside to America

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The "Sac Man Had Syringe On Floor" story is pretty awesome, too.

With the Occupy movement gaining (or losing, depending on what you read) momentum every day, I was reminded why America is still the greatest country in the world by an ad campaign from The Golden 1 Credit Union.

Most Golden 1 branches will be open to serve you on Bank Transfer Day, Saturday, November 5, from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.! Unlike many banks, Golden 1 still offers free checking—and we don’t charge a monthly fee to use your debit card!

Take that, Big Banks! You see, in America, when one door closes, another one opens (three commas? is that right?). Not to mention we are a clever nation and our ability to market with the use of puns is uncanny (RonTopofIt!), but I digress. You have the choice in this country to put your money in a bank, or a credit union, or in your mattress. In this particular case, the big bank window is closing a bit while the small bank window (credit unions) is opening.

CUNA estimated that credit unions added $4.5 billion in new savings accounts and that more than four in every five credit unions experienced growth since September. The association attributed the growth not only to the announcement of the proposed bank fees, but the social media/Occupy Wall Street backed Bank Transfer Day.

Now, the question is whether or not the credit unions will grow so large, because of this increase in business, that they will be forced to start charging fees and the “Hide Your Money in your Mattress!” movement will step up and gain momentum. I don’t know, something like “Stay on top of your finances!” maybe?

Hmm, this could present a problem with my Sleep Number bed.

Mmm, seven-layer cake

R & R Wellness sells potted plants.
Gew, Master Kush, Trainwreck, Grand Daddy, the Purps, and more!

Back in June, police raided a medical pot dispensary in Sacramento. Because, you know, it’s legal to buy it, it’s legal to own it and, if you’re the proprietor of a medical marijuana store, it’s legal to sell it.

The owners of R & R Wellness on Quinta Court are accused of abusing Proposition 215, the 1986 Compassionate Care Act, specifically regulations regarding turning a profit, said Officer Chris Trimm, spokesman for the Elk Grove Police Department. The probe started when Elk Grove police found an indoor pot-growing operation at a home belonging to one of two men taken into custody, Trimm said. “It’s like a seven layer cake and we have to dig into every layer,” Trimm said. “All of that ties into this.”

Apparently running a pot store like this requires you to do it for the good of helping people feel better after smoking your product. But, it’s America remember, and people like to make money and stuff. Continue reading “Mmm, seven-layer cake”

Cars on K Street?

The shovels are in the ground and K Street between 8th and 12th will soon once again have cars. But there will be no parking, no curbs and gutters, and 11th will still be people only.

So business was booming in the 80s and the place is desolate now, but somehow adding cars is going to bring people back? Because they’ll be able to see from their cars what K Street from 8th to 12th Streets has to offer? But then they’ll have to park somewhere else and walk back? Color me unconvinced.

What do you think? Will cars on K Street return the block to its former glory?

What’s your positioning statement?

Interesting segment on News10 Good Morning today about writing a winning resume and learning how to network. I had never heard of a positioning statement and that you should practice saying this statement until you are comfortable using it. I’m not a huge fan of the idea of self-branding, but tough times call for tough measures, right?

I was also glad they included a resume example. The only tip I can provide here is to create a professional web email address because, really, you still have an address, Mr. HotRod69?

With unemployment back up to 12% in California, this information is good to have.