Nineteenth-century graffitti at Sutter’s Fort uncovered

Fun tidbit in this Bee article today about the facelift at the Central Building at Sutter’s Fort.

Clearing out the historic building has also resulted in some pleasant surprises, [Tim Gellinck, a restoration works specialist]added.

“We always knew that there was historic graffiti from the 1840s up in the attic of the building, but there was so much clutter up there that we couldn’t get to it,” Gellinck said. “Once the clutter was removed and the shingles were taken off, the light exposed quite a bit of graffiti that we didn’t realize was there.”

The crews found one particular inscription reading: “The Industrial Army Camped Here,” that was dated May 4, 1894. The Industrial Army Movement was apparently a roving populist group of unemployed laborers agitating on behalf of workers hurt by the bad economy of the time. #OccupySuttersFort!

Special Delivery

FedEx delivered 11 pounds of high grade marijuana to a Sacramento-area man. He was not pleased.

“There must be some mistake. I ordered weed killer, not killer weed”
News10 reports that a local man received an unexpected package that would have had many locals exclaiming “Thank you, God!”

George Burton was shocked when he opened the FedEx box left on his porch and found 11 pounds of high grade marijuana. The package sat unclaimed at the J Street FedEx Office with his house as the return address. Burton turned the package over to police, who estimated the value of the stash at $24,000.

Burton and his family temporarily hid out in case the real owners of the pot came looking for it and wanted to extract information on its whereabouts.

Sac County Fair opens today

The 2013 Sacramento County Fair opens today at Cal Expo and runs through the weekend. A much smaller and cheaper cousin to “Big Fun,” the County Fair has much of the same fun without the crowds and heat. Sacramento “Don’t Say Jazz” Music “Don’t Say Jubilee” Festival is this weekend as well, but maybe you’ve got time for both?

Admission is free for kids under 12 and only $5 for adults. The music acts may not boast any headliners but there is a Journey cover band and some country music to enjoy. Saturday is Jimboy’s Taco Day; I’m not sure what that means but I don’t think it’s too much to set aside one day a year to dedicate to Jimboy’s tacos is it?

The animals and the people raising them are a great reason to visit, so if you want to see them make sure to visit before Monday, by which time the judging will be over and all the cows will have gone home (and pigs and sheep and stuff).

Special themes for each day:

  • Thursday, May 23 – Opening Day-Celebrating Your Community-Invitational Mayor’s Goat Milking Contest
  • Friday May 24 – Value Day – Dollar Food Items, 4 to 9 pm & Demolition Derby
  • Saturday, May 25 – Stars & Stripes Bull Riding sponsored by Lasher’s Elk Grove Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram
  • Sunday, May 26 – Junior Livestock Auction, 10 am, Livestock Barn & Gran Jaripeo (Mexican Rodeo & Fiesta)
  • Monday, May 27 – Military Appreciation Day &Team Sorting

“Field Trip” app gets you free admission to 3 SF museums

20130520-202316.jpgA tip from occasional Ragger Scooter brought me to Google’s announcement that via its new Field Trip app, visitors to 6 major cities can get free admission to a number of museums. That includes three locations in San Francisco: Conservatory of Flowers, the California Academy of Sciences, and the Walt Disney Family Museum.

If you are around one of the following 13 museums, you will get a Field Trip card with “Free Entry” in the title (check the ‘nearby’ tab). Show the card on your phone to the admissions staff and they’ll take care of the rest.

Not sure how long this deal will last. As for the app, it seems pretty fun–it tracks your location and notifies you when you are near something interesting, by compiling info from a number of sources like Sunset Magazine, Zagat and Thrillist. When I fired it up at home it showed me dozens of locations from those Arcadia Publishing books, which I I didn’t really mind, except I’m pretty sure I said no nuts. (Sorry, I’m having trouble thinking about anything except “Arrested Development” coming back…)

Canaries visiting for a friendly fixture

Leading scorer Robert Snodgrass

In ‘Murican, this means the Norwich City Football Club, an English Premiere League team, will be playing in Sacramento as part of their recently announced American tour. This is apparently the very first time an English Premiere League team will play in Sacramento (not sure if that is saying much).

The friendly match will take place July 18 as part of Sacramento Soccer Day, which will see the debut of the Sac Pro Soccer team’s name, color palette, shield and scarf according to the press release.

Happy Birthday to us! The Sac Rag turns 8

lit up cakeOn this date in 2005, RonTopOfIt and I launched this here web log. If memory serves, it was after a killer lunch at Mayflower and a discussion about tracking which local establishments served the Coca-Cola brand beverage–Google Maps having been launched just weeks prior.

Bringing in our first compatriate SinghCity and then Sac-eats and Stickie shortly thereafter is what really made this thing take off. I’d like to send a personal thank you to those dudes, as well as the five or six of you that I know have been reading this for those 8 years.

Brake for costumed heroes Saturday UPDATE: Cancelled

Some pretty kickass Doctor Strange cosplay

UPDATE: Commenter Junior points out that the event has been since canceled. Thanks, Junior!

If you see a team of super powered individuals strolling Capitol Mall Saturday, don’t be alarmed — it’s just the participants in local actor Charlie Holliday’s Super Hero improv acting seminar. Participants will be congregating at Embassy Suites downtown, and then presumably chewing up scenery and super powered baddies up and down the Capitol Mall.

Participants will be given free(!) admission to Digital Odyssey 2013, a one-day film showcase and digital media workshop sponsored by the California Film Foundation.

Digital Odyssey Conference
Saturday, April 27 10AM-5PM
Information and tickets on

Southgate Branch librarian one of this year’s Movers & Shakers

Christy Aguirre, branch supervisor at the Southgate Branch of the Sacramento Public Library, was named one of 2013’s “Movers & Shakers” in the library world by Library Journal in March. Aguirre was recognized as a Community Builder for her work partnering with local businesses on literacy programs:

As a result [of literacy programs], the summer reading program at Southgate tripled in size from 2010 (699) to 2012 (2,100-plus). Nearly half (47 percent) of those who signed up finished the program. That’s the highest participation rate among all 27 SPL branches. The youngest participant was four days old; the oldest, 96, prefers audiobooks. Participants read 5,859 books.

Aguirre had also been named the 2012 Outstanding Librarian in Support of Literacy by the California Library ­Association. Way to go! Love to see SPL getting national recognition.

Is someone trying to give away the McKinley Park geese?

Clearly McKinley pond

Mrs Cool spotted this Craigslist ad, through which it appears someone is trying to get the McKinley Park duck/goose hybrids adopted. The McKinley fowl, of course, were in the news recently, as the City is being pressured to have a better plan for ensuring they are fed balanced diets.

Did the City post this without attributing it? Did one of the concerned citizens from the Bee article post this, and is that chill? The ad claims the birds were abandoned, but how would one know this, and in either case if they are living at the park, aren’t they public fowl now, or something? Help me out, fowl devotees.

Beware Drano Bottle Bombs

From KPTV Fox 12 in Oregon

Apparently “Works Bombs,” a plastic bottle filled with Drano and tin foil which creates an explosive reaction, have been around for a while but was recently verified on Snopes, with several incidents reported recently.

The amount of force that is generated at the time of the explosion is enough to severe fingers and also deliver 2nd and 3rd degree chemical burns to the victim. The chemicals can possibly cause blindness and the toxic fumes can be harmful.

I am usually completely ignorant of these things, so I’m assuming that “TRUE” on is good enough verification. For some reason Mrs Cool and I felt this was something that we could see happening in Sacramento, though that’s just sort of a vibe more than anything; I can’t think of any recent incidents of this sort of Violent Mayhem.