No, it’s not because you got fatter.

What does it mean when your home builder tells you your house is one size, but when you move in, it actually seems smaller?

Well, maybe you put on a few pounds, but come on you haven’t put on THAT much weight. You see, as News10 reports, homebuilder JTS is accused of telling homeowners that their houses were bigger than the structures really were.

Who knows, in the mad rush to sell and buy homes in this city, JTS may not be the only ones guilty of this type of “internal miscommunication”.

The so-called “Cheesecake” effect

So it appears that Sacramento opens it arms, err, wings today to a new Hooters restaurant on Challenge Way, at the former Monterey Bay Canners restaurant site. Can’t wait to see the lines for this place. I mean, come on, who doesn’t love themselves some cheesecake, but these are buffalo wings, man, buffalo wings! I put in my application months ago to be a server, not sure why they never got back to me, but I digress.

Bob Shallit over at the Bee did a piece on something I noticed myself this weekend. There were signs advertising the new Hooters as “now open by Cal Expo” which is vague on several fronts. Lots of stuff is by Cal Expo and “now open” assumes that if you were to go there during regular business hours, it would be, like, open, right? Well, well, well.
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Excuse me, “un-Folsom-like”?

The Sac Bee reports on an interesting story today about the construction of a mosque in Folsom.

Notwithstanding the pathetic prejudice that is just dripping from the critics of the mosque, I loved this comment:

The proposed mosque’s Islamic design – an architectural departure for Folsom – has prompted another common gripe: that the mosque just won’t fit in, that it will be “un-Folsom-like.”

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Follow Up: Adopt-a-Cluck

ABC News today provided a good follow up to our Adopt-a-Cluck story of a few days ago (thanks, Plum Win, for the link):

Most of the birds never have seen sunlight, but they are expected to adjust to life away from the farm. Unaccustomed to the spacious surroundings of the animal sanctuary, some still sleep on top of each other.

Quite sad, if you think about it, and it all goes on under our noses. But let’s focus on the positive here: over 700 chickens adopted! Only 159,300 more to go!!

See, whereas southern Californians would use a “Chick-o-Meter” to count something else, here at the Sac Rag, we’re actually counting chickens.

To Texas or Bust.

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard about Vacaville’s Cindy Sheehan, who had been camped outside President Bush’s vacation home in Crawford, Texas. She wanted to meet with the President so that she could get answers about the reasons for going to war in Iraq, for which her son had to die. To date, the President has refused to meet with her.

However, another military mom, Deborah Johns of Roseville, wants to help Cindy Sheehan understand what this war was about.
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Sacramento’s drivers aren’t just bad…

…but we’re also bad. To the bone.

California has ranked number one in auto thefts in the country, says the National Insurance Crime Bureau.

And in the state, where does Sacramento rank in crimes of the car? While Modesto and Stockton took first and second place, Sacramento was fifth in absconded whips.

Are you surprised? I have to say, I am. Given how people in this town drive like they’re in the middle of a get-away, I thought we’d have ranked higher.


KXTV (News10) reported on Tuesday about a property buyer in Vacaville who didn’t read the fine print:

A Vacaville farm animal sanctuary is seeking new homes for some aging chickens it rescued from a Gilroy egg farm.

The chickens, bred for egg-laying, had lived in small cages on land bought by a man who had no idea he was also getting 160,000 birds in the deal.

So far, animal rescuers have found homes for 200 of the birds. That leaves 159,800 birds to go. So, go ahead and be kind to your fine feathered friends: give a chicken a home. After all, despite what Carls Jr. has to say about them, who couldn’t use a good chicken or twelve around the house ?

Trippin on acid…

…of the ascorbic variety.

Apparently, according to KCRA, a woman went on a crime spree on Tuesday in south Sac and into Elk Grove, while buzzing on antioxidants:

“She was wired with, I’m sure … all I had was vitamin C and E and she was swallowing those as fast as she could,” victim James Hickey said.

The ingestion of these vitamins spurred this woman on as she stole – or at least attempted to steal – six vehicles, and broke into three homes.

There’s something to be said about the implications of a dramatic … pause. Mustabeen some hella Flintstones in them bottles, Mr. Hickey!

Two more SacBee tidbits

One, the cover story of the Scene section today is about a new News10 show in the works that promises to create controversy by blending news content with advertising. Of course, if you’re reading SacRag today you’re probably thinking, like I am, This is different from other local news how exactly?

Two, there is a mountain lion on the prowl in River Park. Yikes. At least River Parkians can take the high ground of the levee. Although, since that’s probably where this guy came from, maybe that’s just what he wants them to do?

Dirtbag Or Not dot Sacramento dot com

Under the strange newspaper headline “Shame – effective weapon?” the Sac Bee today reports that the Sacto City Council is considering doing one of them “Web-sites” to post pictures of men arrested for and/or convicted of picking up prostitutes or pimping.

I say go for it. However, that story (as is becoming usual these days in Sacto–thinking of the W. Nile cropdusting) leaves me more confused than I was before I read it.

[Police Chief Albert] Nájera said the site would not show women convicted of prostitution. Council members asked if male prostitutes would be shown and, when told they would, questioned whether that would be fair.

What is gained by posting pics of only male prostitutes? What was the debate like on that specific part of the proposal? Am I in favor of that or not? If they had to put it up for a vote, would anybody show up to fill out a ballot? Also:

Other issues in question were whether the site would push the prostitution problem into the county and whether it would provide would-be prostitutes a free list of potential clients.

“We could have ‘wannabes’ get into the business by calling the men,” Councilwoman Bonnie Pannell said.

Because I hear that’s a difficult racket to break in to…acquiring venture capital, licensing fees, leasing office space, the extensive background checks, etc. Wouldn’t want to make it any easier.