Crazy River Cats fan leaves epic voicemail about Manny Ramirez’s hair

Sports blog Deadspin posted this awesome recording left by a disgruntled River Cats fan and “viewer of television” with some issues about Manny’s dreadlocks–namely that they are the harbingers of the apocalypse, responsible for everything wrong with society. She is extremely concerned about dreadlock-caused blindness, and thinks that mandated short hair would reduce the instances of performance enhancing drugs: “If they have to act clean-cut, maybe they will be clean-cut.” It’s long and she repeats herself several times, but it’s worth a listen.

I think this goes here.

Demolition derby drivers desired

California State Fair is looking for cars and RVs to participate in Metal Mayhem.

One change I appreciate at the California State Fair is their increasing involvement of the public. There are more competitions, more local bands, and more opportunities for you (yes, even you!) to participate in the Big Fun.

This year, there will be two nights of Metal Mayhem. Cars and even RVs are invited to smash it up, with a $5000 purse for cars and $6000 for RVs. Admission to witness the fun is only $5.
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Maloofs trying to sink the deal?

The big news yesterday was the latest snag in the arena deal, which came when the Maloofs suddenly read the non-binding term sheet we all had already stopped talking about weeks ago, and realized they were on the hook for some development funds. Today Tony Bizjak and Dale Kasler report that David Stern is planning to pick up part of the tab to make sure initial work can get done.

A pessimistic person would say that this is just the first line in the sand drawn by the Maloofs, and that if they resolve this issue it’ll just be something else down the road. I am trying not to be that guy. For instance, who says that one of the tenants of a building that will be owned by someone else should have to pay for infrastructure? Maybe there is a better deal that takes away some of those costs and puts a corresponding amount in profits back into the city’s bank account.

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River Cat called up to majors


But it’s not a player. Announcer Johnny Doskow will be announcing some Oakland A’s games in place of Ken Korach, who is recovering from surgery, reports Sac Biz Journal.

Doskow is excited about the opportunity to announce games for a major league team. He said he “lost it” when he found out he might be asked to announce games for the A’s in Boston.

Go Johnny. Speaking of which, who’s up for some River Cats baseball?! I know I am. The season gets underway next week of course, with the home opener coming Friday the 13th against Reno. But before all that, the Cats will host the A’s on Saturday, after Oakland returns from the MLB exhibition series in Japan. It’s the first time in 5 years Raley Field has hosted major league baseball.

Sactown Royalty on Evans trade rumors

Want to kill public support for a big arena project? Start rumor you’re going to trade the team’s best player. Tom Ziller of Sactown Royalty posted an impassioned plea for sanity last night in the face of rumors to that effect being published by Sports Illustrated and former Bee writer Sam Amick.

Ziller takes apart the situation and calls for patience with Evans adjustment to his new role on the team. It’s a great read, as per usual with TZ, and it does make one frustrated with the Kings management. I know next to nothing about these things but it seems to me that a great way to show thanks to folks who put a lot on the line to craft an amazing deal for these owners would be to invest in the team’s future by signing a big free agent at the end of the season.

Arena plan to be released Thursday

Kelly Johnson of the Biz Journal reported yesterday that City Council hopes to release the details of the arena financing proposal on Thursday, in advance of the Council’s vote next Tuesday.

The main takeaway from the piece seems to be that the mayor confirms AEG would be the operator of the arena under the proposal. I suppose that is a good thing? It doesn’t seem to be very important to me.

I still don’t think the numbers add up. The original figure of $387 million always seemed about $100m too low; Seattle was planning to raise $500 for their evil Chris Hansen funded arena. And I don’t think anybody expects the Maloofs to pony up very much–NBA commissioner David Stern said yesterday that the team will contribute, but also that he would consider AEG’s contribution to be a contribution on behalf of the team.

Very little reason for optimism going into next Tuesday.

Kings players to blame for Kings failures?


I know it’s a bit out of left field, but is it possible that the Kings poor play of late is to blame for their recent spate of playing poorly? And not friction with the coach?

I’m being facetious of course. I get that a coaching change is partly aimed at getting someone who can click with the players and lead them to better play. The team is 1-2 since the coaching change and I can’t see them going better than 2-5 in their first 7 games under Smart. But the rush to boot a coach in midseason (which seems to happen much more in the NBA than in other major sports, though I don’t know anything about hockey) seems premature when everyone looking at this roster knows that it has some major holes. And those holes are management’s fault. Continue reading “Kings players to blame for Kings failures?”

Perspective on the Kings coaching situation

As RonTopOfIt pointed out in a great comment, the Kings won a scrappy victory against Milkwaukee last night under interim head coach Keith Smart. But clearly fans’ and players’ relief after one victory is premature; shouldn’t the new coach get at least seven games before we decide that we made the right call?

On the flipside, it wasn’t just seven games, it was 2+ seasons of misery under Westphal. I’m just asking for a little perspective: clearly it’s not just the coach’s fault. After all, as Paul Wright (@HKronin) said after @JimCrandell wondered whether there would be a coaching change, the coach doesn’t tell his players to turn the ball over, not get back on defense, to ignore the extra pass. Like RTOI said, how much actual coaching should a group of grown men actually need? Maybe some of these players are just not fundamentally sound at this point in their careers. Continue reading “Perspective on the Kings coaching situation”

Kings win, World Peace loses

Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images
Bringing youth together all around the world
(Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

The Kings beat the Lakers at home for the first time in more than three years, 100-91 on Monday night. Former King Ron Artest, er, Metta World Peace wasn’t too worried about the loss.

“We have a lot of games left, a lot of games left,” World Peace said. “Everything is going OK. Everything will be great.”

I think I’ll get a few more weeks of fun out of the “World Peace said” thing (and by “a few more weeks” I pretty much mean this post). For example, why did Artest change his name?

“Changing my name was meant to inspire and bring youth together all around the world,” World Peace said in a statement released after the name change court hearing.

Alrighty then. Dream big, right?

At any rate, it’s a good win for the Kings and it is nice to have the distraction in town again. Might replace the “this is some cold spell we’re having, huh?” ice-breaker.

Very complex machinations

It is comforting to know that while our country continues to battle over percentages, professional sports press on to keep us entertained distracted. But, of course, since professional sports is comprised of mostly people (a ball is usually involved) there has to be conflict. We learned last week that Major League Baseball agreed to a five-year deal collective bargaining agreement that really ironed out some key issues. Phew.

Other highlights of the deal include:

  • Players will be required to play in the All-Star Game unless injured or excused.
  • Players, managers and coaches may not use smokeless tobacco products during televised interviews and may not carry them in their uniforms.
  • Players arrested for DWI will be required to undergo mandatory evaluation.

Yes, a “highlight” of a labor agreement involved what to do with players arrested for driving under the influence. How about an agreement that players not drive under the influence? I know, I know, crazy talk.

And now we learn that the NBA has confirmed the Players Union and League Owners have come to a tentative deal that will end the lockout with the 2011-12 NBA season beginning on Christmas Day.

Commissioner David Stern says the two sides have reached a “tentative understanding that is subject to a variety of approvals and very complex machinations.”

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