CBS13: Watch your back, Sacramento

CBS13 last night reported a story about a local mom who left her baby in the car seat, covered by a blanket, while she went shopping. Parents in the audience, and also anyone with a pulse and a lick of common sense, are duly horrified. Fortunately the baby is safe and the mom is out on bail. Somehow the baby was allowed to return home with mom–apparently this is a possibility if authorities determine it’s okay.

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Makin’ controversies at CBS13

Or is it Or is it just (the show) or (the website)? I don’t even know anymore…

Yesterday’s news out of Riverbank about an entire family killed in a collision with an Amtrak train is truly frightening. The stuff of nightmares. CBS13’s led with this story all day, with Mike Dello Stritto and Serene Branson on scene.

A fatal accident on the highway in central California. Remind you of anything? I think it reminded CBS13 of the problems Solano residents are having with Highway 12, and they decided to run with that. Dello Stritto continued to report from the scene at the 11:00 newscast, even though it was pitch black outside and so the crossing arm he pointed to could have been anywhere. He tossed back to Sam and Pallas who… tossed back out to Serene Branson, standing seemingly a few feet away from Dello Stritto to report on another angle of the story. Awk-waaard.

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“The Sports Show” cringes out of the gate

Gary Gelfand - The Sports Show
Gary Gelfand, The Sports Show

The only redeeming feature of “The Sports Show,” CBS13’s new half-hour sports show featuring Arran Andersen and Gary Gelfand, is that it occasionally features sports footage. While I originally thought this show had premiered in September (based on reporting of its original launch date on 21Q), I managed to completely by chance catch the premiere broadcast on Friday night. (Hat tip to new reader anaughtymouse)

Let me start with the inexcusable logo, which is either a blatant ripoff of The Man Show’s logo, or a cheap reference to that show’s logo (see what I’m talking about in the lower right corner of the screenshot). Either way, seriously, that’s all you’ve got?

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CBS13 feeling The Rag’s heat?

Happened to be watching the CBS 13 newscast at 10 pm last night, and heard Sam and Pallas announce some big changes on the newscast coming soon, mostly schedule related but also regarding their coverage of local news. No word on whether the big blue set is going away, but I couldn’t help but have a moment of self-centeredness and think that this here Website might have made some people think.

Oh, and Kurtis Ming has to go. Like, far away.