Kickstart KLJ’s new live comedy album “Cats Made of Rabbits”

KLJ with that one guy from that one thing

Keith Lowell Jensen is at it again, raising money on Kickstarter this time to make his new live album “Cats Made of Rabbits” a reality. Or he’s raising money to make actual cats made of rabbits a reality. Either way it’s money well spent.

The album was recorded at a sold out show at the Sacramento Comedy Spot. For $15 you can get a copy of the CD when released, and $25 will get you the DVD copy.

Is it just me or is it hard not to insert “frickin'” into that title?

Coexist? Comedy Tour film needs a kickstart

Keith Lowell Jensen

My favorite local raconteur Keith Lowell Jensen is seeking funds through Kickstarter to finish a Coexist? Comedy Tour documentary the troupe has in the works. Looks like they have about 2 days left to make about $5,000.

If you’re in the dark, The Coexist? Comedy Tour was a tour made up of a Jew, a Muslim, a Christian, a Hindu, a Budhhist and an atheist comedian, the atheist being your’s [sic] truly.

The way Kickstarter works is that the pledges will be returned if the sought goal is not met.

Kickstarter: The Coexist? Comedy Tour Documentary Film

Joel McHale at Mem. Auditorium Dec. 11

Joel McHale
Creative Commons License photo credit: Alan Light

Joel McHale, star of E!’s “The Soup” and NBC’s “Community” is coming to the Memorial Auditorium on December 11th. Unfortunately the ticket prices are heinous, or not, depending on your internal heinousness gauge.

I love Joel’s schtick on both shows and I’m glad he is a famous dude. There are very few performances I would pay a lot to see, but there are also very few things I would go out at night to do in the first place.

Secret Sacramentan: Brian Posehn

Brian Posehn
Creative Commons License photo credit: Steve Scap

Listening to Chris Hardwick’s Nerdist podcast the other day with geek comic Brian Posehn, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Posehn got his start in comedy right here in Sactown. (I’m sure my compatriot sac-eats knew this already but it was news to me.)

It seems that after high school in Sonoma he moved to Sacramento and attended community college, and got his start in the comedy world at age 21 (the lack of all-ages comedy establishments being a reason nobody broke into comedy from Sacramento in days past). The notoriously cranky and foul-mouthed comic actually refrains from bad-mouthing our fair city on the podcast, only claiming that he made a premature decision to try comedy in LA after just a bit of experience here in the late 80s/early 90s. In LA he literally broke his back in a drinking stunt gone wrong. So he had to “press the reset button” on comedy career at about the time the alt-comedy movement of the 90s was really getting going.

To put words in his mouth, leaving this place was probably the best thing that happened to his career. Happy weekend, Sacramento! 🙂

Conan O’Brien to appear in Sacramento

Conan O’Brien’s nationwide stage tour, the “Legally Prohibited From Being Funny on Television Tour” (ha) will be making a stop right here in Sacramento on May 6, according to the just-released tour dates.

The show will take place at the Memorial Auditorium. Let’s show Team Coco how wonderful Sacramento can be! Tickets can be purchased here.

More comedy from the Sac PD

The Sac PD is continuing to put comedy right where it belongs, on the crime blotter. This time it is a press release about a break-in at a medical office building. Could be a pretty serious incident, what with the possibility of stolen medical information and identity theft. The press release is titled This Wasn’t a Scheduled Office Visit.

They’ll be here all week!