More legal questions for KJ

The questions about Kevin Johnson’s past just keep on coming. The SacBee reports on a federal investigation into St. Hope’s suspected misuse of grant money for the AmeriCorps program and of reports of KJ’s inappropriate behavior towards two teenagers.

From 2004-2007, St. Hope received more than $800,000 for their Hood Corps program aimed at leadership development among inner city youth. Last year, federal funding was terminated because half of the youth involved had dropped out. The program is also supposed to be non-religious and completely voluntary, yet former members report that they were required to study the Bible, attend church, and receive communion. Many participants also had trouble with the mandatory “boot camp” style physical fitness training, another activity forbidden by the funding guidelines. Participants were also allegedly required to perform activities outside of the program’s scope, including campaigning for Sacramento City School Board candidates, a major violation of campaign rules and electoral ethics.

If these allegations turn out to be true, they will be a major blow to KJ’s mayoral campaign, as they show that he cannot even manage a simple government grant within the specified rules. And if he cannot do that, how much success will he have with an entire city?

Decision 2006 #2

Well here we are, Sacramento, it’s time to get out the vote. Beckler has an entertaining post on Heckasac conjuring Aileen Voisin’s penchant for straw men and the helpful services they provide. If anyone has any enjoyable polling place stories or witnesses anything out of the ordinary (people eating $6000 combo meals outside your polling place, for example) make sure to post them here.

With 0% Precincts Reporting, SacRag reports…

…that John Doolittle will win his seat.

Yes, we are that damn good.  We know how to read the signs, the indicators, and the will of the people.  And the intentions incompetence of election administrators:

 AP) SACRAMENTO After receiving dozens of complaints, Sacramento County election officials said Monday they will send letters to 40,000 absentee voters telling them to check their ballots for errors.

By Monday evening — a week after absentee ballots were mailed — more than 50 people had called to report ballots that were flawed or incomplete, officials said. Most of those reporting errors said they received two of the same ballot cards instead of two different double-sided cards…

As a result, the county asked its mailing firm, Admail West, to take extra precautions to avoid errors.

Admail West officials said Monday that the latest problem was with the printer and not their company

Democracy.  Done Right.

You want me to vote where?

Greenfair HOA building,
my old polling place

I’d like to open up this forum for people to bitch and complain about their polling places. Mine was moved from its usual location at the Greenfair community room on Broadway, a tranquil, tree-covered setting with ample parking, to the County primary care center on the corner of Stockton & Broadway.

Any other Tahoe Parkers out there ready to write to the local officials and ask for Greenfair back?
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Republicans Thinking Sacramento in ’08?

The GOP National Committee wants Sacramento to put in a bid for the 2008 convention. Depending on your political persuasion, possible punchlines include:

  • “Hide the gays and environmentalists.”
  • “Are there enough cameras in town for both John McCain and Arnold Schwarzenegger to attend?”
  • “Why are we being punished?”

(Note: I’m actually militantly moderate to a fault. But you can’t ignore partisan set-ups like that.)