Don’t Vote!!!!!

I am a big fan of not voting.

No, not me not voting. YOU not voting.

Specifically, I mean the pressure that people feel to vote on everything. I encourage you to leave some stuff blank.

This morning, CNN had a film of a person flipping a coin to determine her vote for president. FLIPPING A COIN, FOR GOD’S SAKE. People like this should just not vote for president. Encouraging or pressuring these people to vote doesn’t support democracy. It hurts it.

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Election Notes 2008

So, how is your voting experience going? Feel free to comment and share your story.

My polling place is being held at an elementary school. Sort of an odd idea to have a steady stream of adults coming and going while school is in session, but that could just be my paranoia.

I was not asked to show ID as I had voted there before. Another interesting one. I guess I see them working, but would it be that much of a time killer to require an ID every election?

What about the folks that hang signs on the overpasses? Or the groups that gather at major intersections during heavy rains and jump in and out of traffic to get their message out there? The hand painted signs with way too much information to make out as you fly by. Wackiness.

Anyone cashed in on the free Starbucks coffee?

Last minute Voter information…

All polls are open from 7 a.m. – 8 p.m. on Tuesday, November 4th.

You can use the County lookup tool to find your local polling location. While you are there enjoy the drop down menu of “city or community” names. The super sized photos of each polling location are kind of fun, too.

Another lookup tool to determine if you are eligible to vote tomorrow. Yahoo! offers up some tips, too (vote mid-morning or early afternoon, for example).

Here’s a Computer page that displays the proposition positions of the left and the right.

And of course, free coffee.

By no means are we telling you to vote. Just some links in case you, you know, need them and stuff.

Vote & Vax comes to Sacramento (maybe)

The national Vote & Vax campaign will be offering up flu vaccinations at two Sacramento locations on Tuesday, November 4th. These are sponsored by the Sacramento County Immunization Program.

Sounds all well and good, right? Sure, unless you want more information or some details…

Update: The Sacramento Bee reports that the second clinic (Capital Christian Center) is being sponsored by the “local NBC affiliate” and that the charge there is $30 (it’s $10 at the Rancho Cordova City Hall location). Still not showing up on the Vote & Vax site.

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Sign of the times

My wife snapped this in East Sac today across from McKinley Park. Is this a custom sign by Realtor Mike Heede or are these popping up elsewhere these days?

For some reason it always rubs me the wrong way when people I don’t know command me to vote. I don’t think it is anything to do with the act of voting being a personal thing between me and my voting booth, I think it is just a personal aversion to Anybody telling me to Do Anything.

Fargo NOT using issue of KJ’s federal funds misuse

Press release today from the Fargo campaign:

SACRAMENTO–Mayor Heather Fargo today released the following statement regarding the recent radio advertisements about Kevin Johnson having been investigated for misusing federal funds:

“Kevin Johnson was banned by the federal government from all access to federal grants and contracts after investigators said he misused AmeriCorps funds.

“My campaign material does not use this issue against Kevin Johnson; however, an independent committee has.

“In light of the Sacramento Bee story this morning, I hope the independent committee would stick to the facts in their advertising.

“Sacramentans can make their own judgment about federal authorities’ investigation into Kevin Johnson’s misuse of federal funds.”

You got the point, right? She definitely does NOT want to remind people twice in about 200 words about the federal authorities investigation into Kevin Johnson’s misuse of federal funds. Don’t you dare imply that she does.

Double talk on ARC recall flyers

Some well-played investigative work by Kel Munger turns up different text on the English-language and Russian-language versions of an information card being passed out to ARC students urging them to vote No on the proposed recall of 9 ARC Student Association officers. The board passed a resolution in support of Proposition 8 on the November ballot, which inserts a hetero-only marriage definition into the California Constitution. Kel has some great posts up about the scandal.

My initial reaction was that a recall was a bit of an anti-democratic play from a group advocating for treating people with fairness, as no rule-breaking or misdeeds are alleged on the part of the officers as far as I know. But these officers are probably elected to terms of less than a year, and letting democracy do its thing and voting them out after their term would be pointless. Who would have ever thought that American River College would become a hotbed of democracy in action?

Ugly Flyer Tries to Fool Naive Voters

Ah, what kind of election would it be if we didn’t have last-minute desperation from candidates with too much money in their campaign chests?

The SacBee reports today on a mailer sent out by a group called Democratic Voters Choice with the catchy slogan, “Make it Emphatic, Vote Straight Democratic!” The only problem is that this group has been sending out virtually identical flyers for almost 20 years to trick Democrats into voting for GOP candidates in non-partisan local races. Local candidates Susan Peters, who is VERY Republican, and Kevin Johnson, who I will very kindly refer to as an “idealistically conflicted Democrat”, are both endorsed and are both listed in the fine print as the folks who paid for this deceptive flyer.

Kudos to the Bee for being on top of this story. The flyer is included for your enjoyment after the jump.

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Are Political Ads in the Online Bee Fair?

Since I read the Bee online, I have noticed a trend that makes me a bit uncomfortable. The Bee imbeds political advertising in political articles.

Of course, this is smart targeting of voters. People who read articles about the election are more interested in politics than those who don’t. No brainer.

My problem is when the advertising is sold to candidates about whom the articles are written.

Take a look at an article today here. It reports on the debate between the Republican primary candidates for the 4th Congressional District, which will be won by either Tom McClintock or Doug Ose. While reading the article, the reader gets to listen to and watch series of advertisements for McClintock who is (of course) slamming his opponent, Ose. Readers have to turn off the ad if they do not want to watch it or mute it if they do not want to listen to it. Even if they do so, a big “McClintock for Congress” remains on the page.

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District 3 Race for Supervisor – Exciting!

Most of Sacramento seems to be reacting to our upcoming local elections by complaining about the Mayor’s race, and how it is a choice among a group of wishy-washy do nothings, impossible longshots and plummeting superstars. I would like to cast your attention towards the one local race that is panning out to be truly exciting, although you wouldn’t know it from the lackluster media coverage.

The District 3 race for the County Board of Supervisors seems to be lost behind the monster dunks, travel-gate, shower-gate and cowboy hats of the mayoral campaign, yet is the one race with a clear contrast between the candidates. This was made particularly clear in the Election Forum sponsored by the League of Women Voters of Sacramento County. This was the most interesting of the forum’s debates because, well, there are actually two people running against each other for this seat. Shocking!

In one corner, in the red trunks, is the well funded, one-term incumbent Susan Peters. In the other corner, wearing blue, we find veteran county administrator and grassroots challenger Warren Harding.

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