Predictions for 2009

  1. The bespangled cube dropped for the New Years celebration is burgled from city hall. By Heather Fargo.
  2. Mayor Kevin Johnson rings in the new year by asking the city council to change the title of his office to “Sultan.”
  3. The Kings win 7 games in a row at home after getting the NBA to OK a new “rimless” basket for the visiting team.
  4. The Grant High Pacers take on the Dillon Panthers after the Pacers acquire the ability to appear on television. Grant QB Kapeli Koniseti shines and is offered his own variety show that appears after the new Jimmy Fallon Late Nite. The show is called “Last Call with Carson Daly.”
  5. The Haines Brothers open a restaurant serving only fried potatoes crafted in the French style. It is panned widely for only serving to d-bags.
  6. The switch to digital TV in February brings a new program to CBS13 titled “Chris’s Burrous” in which anchor Chris Burrous examines animal habitats.
  7. The Sacramento Bee’s editorial board is taken over by its commenters, and “ardenparkboi84” is named the new Managing Editor.

RunnerGirl’s Quick Tips for Outdoor Adventures, Summer ’08 Edition

With the heat wave ushering in the summer ’08 season, Sam McManis has a timely article on staying hydrated.*

Being an avid ultramarathoner on the trails, I have a lot of experience with two issues that can easily ruin a perfectly awesome day: blisters and poison oak. Here are some of my tips for making your outdoor adventures more comfortable, whether you’re a trail veteran or considering making your debut out on one of our region’s many recreational treasures.

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Sacramento Jazz Jubilee Primer: 2008

If there’s anything I look forward to more than the State Fair or the first day of rain after a blistering summer, it’s the Sacramento Jazz Jubilee. Celebrating its 35th year, the Jubilee is not just a fun local event, it is the biggest jazz festival in the West, and one of the biggest traditional jazz festivals in the world. That’s right, the world. The Jubilee is, by far, the biggest tourist attraction in Sacramento, the biggest event in Old Sacramento, and, other than not being able to close out the Lakers in the 2002 Western Conference Finals, the event that Sacramento is most known for around the country.

Despite all this, I talk to people throughout our fair city who have never attended a Jubilee. I’m flabbergasted by this. I know it can’t be because they’re not crazy about the music; I find that empirically impossible. It’s probably because they usually have other plans on Memorial Day weekend. If you’re one of those who tends to head for the hills after work on Friday, take advantage of the Jubilee pre-party tonight at 7pm in Old Sacramento. In the site known as Freeway Gardens, (a sometimes parking lot right off the K Street pedestrian underpass) The Evolution Jazz Band, Jazzin’ Jacks, and the Bohem Ragtime Jazz Band will be performing for the low-low price of $10 ($12 at the door). No excuse this year, pal.

If you’re thinking about attending the festival proper, I’m here to offer up, in a few minutes, everything you need to know when attending this year’s Jubilee. Read on to discover common misconceptions, popular myths, tips on eating, parking, viewing, and finally a sample schedule that will enable you to enjoy one, two, or four days of some the best music our country has to offer. Continue reading “Sacramento Jazz Jubilee Primer: 2008”

The spots that are hot

This article from the Sacramento Business Journal reminded me of an idea I’ve been thinking about for quite some time. I’d would like for our readers to comment on this post with locations in Sacramento that they know for certain offer free wireless internet service. I know there are tons of sites out there that claim to index these *hotspots* for you, but they are rarely up to date.

I’ll start. I know that Panera Bread offers free Internet service to its customers. I’ve used the one on Howe Avenue many times without fail.

So there you have it, Sacramento. Get out there and find some wifi and report back with your findings. I’ll add a category for this topic (*Free WiFi*) for easy reference later.

UPDATE: Thanks for all of your comments. I think our list is turning out quite nicely. Here’s our Google map.

Netflix has no limits (sort of)

Popular video rental company Netflix apparently is offering its subscribers unlimited access to movies and television shows to watch via the Web on their personal computers (NOTE: This feature is only available to folks using IE 6 or higher!).

The feature will be open to all subscribers already on one of their unlimited monthly video rental plans, with no extra charge.

I currently subscribe to the “2 at-a-time (Unlimited)” plan and am still limited to 14 hours of online viewing. But with instant access to A Fish Called Wanda, Real Genius, and Zoolander, who is complaining?

On a local note, it is always fun to check out what folks are viewing in Sacramento (via Netflix)…

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Sutter’s Fort makes a list!

Sadly, it’s not the list we were hoping for:

From north to south, here are the 48 state parks, beaches, reserves and recreation areas that Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is proposing to close to help balance the state budget. The parks would be closed until enough money is available to reopen them. The governor’s office also said some parks could be turned over to local governments to operate.

Well hopefully this will help California get out of this pickle and our kids won’t have to suffer any other cuts…

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Let the Year End Lists Begin-Best Meals of 2007

My Top Ten Meals of 2007

10.  The chile colorado at Sal’s Tacos.  Whether it was the fantastic flavors or the drunkenness achieved at the West Coast Brewfest, this had to have been the best Mexican meal of 2007.

9.  Due to its consistency rather than one-time superiority, the Drunken Pig Tostada at Sacramento Brewing Company.  As always washed down with a Celtic Amber.

8.  The small plate of orichette at Mulvaney’s B&L.  Tender, delicious, sublime.

7.  The apple cider doughnut at Rainbow Orchards.  Sure, it’s not a meal, but you can always eat four more and call it a meal. Continue reading “Let the Year End Lists Begin-Best Meals of 2007”

Inventive Street Names

light-bulb.jpgOn my way to the airport this weekend, I passed Whitney Avenue and realized, perhaps for the first time, that Whitney was yet another street in the Arden/Arcade named after a famous inventor, namely Eli Whitney of cotton gin fame. I have to admit, Whitney snuck up on me. Most of the inventors honored by local street names are fairly well known–Edison, Marconi, Watt (for a list of their accomplishments check out this well written SacMag piece)–but Whitney was just second tier enough to go unnoticed by me for decades. This started me thinking: Were their other streets in the ‘Cade named for lesser known inventors that I’ve been overlooking all these years? It turns out that the answer is yes. So here’s a brief list of some of the not-so-well-known inventors honored by Sacramento street names: Continue reading “Inventive Street Names”

Your Unofficial Apple Hill Guide: New, Updated, Now With More Apple Flavor

It’s that time of year again when the leaves start turning, the kids go back to school and the Eats household celebrates anotherNo, the other kind of apple. birthday.  In what is becoming an annual tradition, the Mrs. and I played hooky and headed up the hill midweek to sup full of apple flavored delights.  In the process, we found some new delights, and wound up finding out a few new things about our old favorites.  Follow me, won’t you, as we trip the apple fantastic to find the best of the ‘Hill for 2007.

Rainbow Orchards– There are few reason to hang around Rainbow Orchards other than to consume the finest doughnuts you will ever have, apple cider doughnuts, that is.  Freshly made, piping hot, covered with sugar, and crisp yet chewy, these doughriffic bites of heaven are the main attraction in the cavernous barn that makes up the whole of Rainbow Orchards commercial enterprise.  They sometimes have bluegrass music in the orchard, which is a nice offering, and the Mrs. and I found a beautiful selection of decorative pumpkins in a kaleidoscope of shades (including blue) but really, we’re all just going there for the doughnuts.  Did I mention the doughnuts?  And yes, I still refuse to spell it “donuts.”  Caution:  Mill View Farms produces and sells a similar apple cider doughnut, but be warned, this is an inferior product and not worth your doughnut calories.  The proprietor is very sweet though, bless her heart.    Continue reading “Your Unofficial Apple Hill Guide: New, Updated, Now With More Apple Flavor”