Frequent Caller Bassil Works Out The Kinks

RunnerGirl is in training for both her “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” taping in New York AND a 100 miler (within days of each other — which gives her an iron-clad excuse if the 100 miler doesn’t work out as planned.) Throw in a demanding career and a nice dose of volunteer work, and RunnerGirl can get a little tense.

She is currently hooked on this season’s “Project Runway” and has taken on contestant Suede’s affectation of speaking in the third person. OK, it has already gotten old — I will stop. Someone tell Suede to do the same thing, please. And don’t think we’re NOT going to Mood fabrics while we’re in NYC. Holla at your boy. Make it work. Continue reading “Frequent Caller Bassil Works Out The Kinks”

Comedy Tonight!…and Tomrrow!…and the Next Night!

Looking for a weekend of comedy? Of course you are.

Tonight at 9pm, come check out long-form improvisation at the Sacramento Comedy Spot. 1716 Broadway, tickets are $8. It’s hilarious, it’s educational, it’s reasonably priced.

Saturday at 9pm, ComedySportz at the Geery theater. 22nd and L. Tix are $12. Discounted to $10 if you use the coupon code “grape.” See improv comedy played as a competitive sport. Funny, fast-paced and clean enough for all ages (we hope, it is improv after all, you never know what could happen).

Sunday at 8:30pm, check out Gabriel Iglesias at the Punchline (Howe & Arden). What happens when you morph Ralphie May and John Leguizamo? This guy. Tix are $25.

From Hair to There

Ok Raggers, I am in the middle of an attempted hairstyle  renaissance.  The problem is that for years I’ve only gotten quick and easy chop-shop jobs in Sacramento.  I have no go-to stylist or barber and now need to find someone who’ll do a good job with men’s hair.

And at an affordable price- I can’t spend more than what my wife spends or else marital discourse will ensue.

So any suggestions of people/places to go who can do something fun and stylish? I don’t think my last haircutter understood anything but “Number 3 on the sides and back.”

Have a Jazzy Weekend

Ah yes, the mellifluous sounds of that great American art form Jazz will be in the air this weekend. Whether you’re a neophyte or a whatever-the-opposite-of-neophyte-is, you can enjoy the world’s most perfect music.

FRIDAY– As reported by the intrepid Chris Macias in the Bee, Mat Marucci and his trio will be performing Thursdays through Saturdays at Three Monkeys. Read the piece to find out how important it is to have just one steady gig going on downtown. My favorite quote from the article is from Marucci, saying “This is great, because downtown is the hippest part of town.” Coming out of the mouth of anyone but a veteran musician, this would sound trite. Keep swingin’ man!

SATURDAY– We’re still more than three months away from the orgiastic wonderfulness that is the Sacramento Jazz Jubilee. But don’t be too sad; you can get your Dixieland fix on Saturday night at Sac State’s Capistrano Hall where local star Bill Dendle will be performing with the legendary “Fast” Eddie Erickson on banjo and guitar, and the incomparable Bob Draga on clarinet (among others). This concert will help raise funds the Traditional Jazz Youth Band Festival, so go and have fun. Remember, it’s for the kids.

SUNDAY– Go support Sacramento’s favorite son, Russ Solomon, at his new enterprise R5 Records by picking up a copy of Miles Davis’s “Kind Of Blue.” If you already have it, then pick up the new Cyrus Chestnut album. C’mon, I know you want to. Hell, his name is Cyrus Chestnut, how could it be bad?

Rice Rice Baby!

Unless you’re on a low-carb diet, or are a Kearneyite, odds are you like a nice serving of rice now and then. Rice is universal and ancient, a staple of some of the oldest cultures on this planet. What you may not know though, is that California, especially the Sacramento Valley, produces more rice than just about anywhere else on Earth.

This isn’t news to too many of you. If you’ve been calling Sacramento home for more than a few years you’ve caught on to the fact that rice grows here in more abundance than genital warts on Lindsey Lohan. What may be new to you, though, is the new, revolutionary, healthy, and tasty Sacramento product, Rice Expressions. Continue reading “Rice Rice Baby!”

“I left my heart in the old CompUSA building”

Has anyone checked out Bodies: Revealed over on Alta Arden?

I saw this exhibit earlier this year in a different city, and it’s a must for anyone in the medical field (or for those of us who feel we’ve missed our calling.  Any other fans of the Mutter Museum at The College of Physicians of Philadelphia out there?)

The bodies are presented respectfully, and they give a close-up view of muscles, nerves, organs, bones, the circulatory system, what certain diseases look like, and a multitude of other fascinating facets of anatomy.  It’s amazing how well engineered we are. I was with a fellow runner, so she and I were pointing out the different things that have ailed us over the years, most notably the piriformis muscle, patellar tendon, and iliotibial band.

The Sacramento exhibit is just one of many exhibitions of actual cadavers that have been preserved and dissected — all bodies used were donated to science.  Check it out, 10am-10pm daily, through March 2008.

Group discounts are available, so here’s a chance for sacrag meet-up, and we can truly see that we’re really all the same inside.

Peet’s is hiring

You may have noticed that there is a new Peet’s Coffee & Tea going in at 37th and J Street. We “Peetniks” couldn’t be more thrilled with this news. For those of you looking for some additional cash this holiday season, they are currently hiring. While we missed the job fairs dates, you may still submit your resume to

UPDATE: I clearly do not get around much anymore as I’ve been informed that there is another new Peet’s on 20th & J Street (also hiring). I’ll do some more research as it can’t be just a coincidence that both new J street locations are conveniently located right next to a Starbucks. Coffee Wars?

UPDATE II: Ok, so it’s official, Peet’s is moving forward with their attempt at world (er, Sacramento) coffee domination.  Another store is going up on Howe & Hallmark.  Anyone notice the timing with the increase in new stores and the death of Alfred Peet?

Davis Ranch: the best tree bargain around

The Cool family are early Christmas tree people. We are also heavily into Thanksgiving, so care is taken to not go full-bore until Black Friday. But basically as soon as the dishwasher is loaded on Thanksgiving it is Christmas in my house (not that it was my dishwasher).

We are enjoy slaying our own tree, and this year we set our sights on Apple Hill. We missed peak apple season this year so we were excited to make the drive. While there are plenty of lots and a nice website to help you find them, once we got up there we realized the prices are considerably higher up there. Continue reading “Davis Ranch: the best tree bargain around”

Watcha Doin’ This Weekend?

We're gonna party like it's 1949For the love of all that is holy!  There are so many things going on this weekend.  Where to start?  There’s the Lincoln Rib Festival, the American River Salmon Festival, the Armenian Food Festival, the Spookomotive, the Auburn Wine Festival, The Northern California Experimental Music Festival, the usual Second Saturday shenanigans, the Sacramento International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, and about 13,000 other things.  But what will we be doing this weekend?

FRIDAY & SATURDAYSacramento Comedy Fest: Featuring sketch, improv and stand-up from Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Sacramento.  Shows start at 8pm, $10.  All shows after 10pm, FREE.  1716 Broadway.  I’ll be there, you should too. Continue reading “Watcha Doin’ This Weekend?”